Sabetai Unguru, "On the Need to Rewrite the History of Greek Mathematics", Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 15 (1975), pp. 67-114.

A related, and seldom cited publication is:

Unguru, S. & D. Rowe, "Does the Quadratic Equation Have Greek Roots?", Libertas Matematica (ARA) 1 (1975): pp. 1-49, 2 (1975): pp. 1-62.

A more recent and comprehensive presentation of this historiographical approach appears in:

Michael N. Fried, Sabetai Unguru, Apollonius of Perga's Conica: Text, Context, Subtext, Leiden, Brill (2001).

Calculating the Limits of Poetic License:
Fictional Narrative and the History of Mathematics

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