Leo Corry The Cohn Institute for History
and Philosophy of Science and Ideas
Tel-Aviv University,
Ramat Aviv, 69978, Israel
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Bert and Barbara Cohn Professor of
History  and Philosophy of Science

Dean, The Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities, TAU


   Research Interests:

History of Modern Algebra; History of Number Theory; Mathematical Physics at the Turn of the Twentieth Century; The Euclidean Tradition in The Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period; David Hilbert and the Göttingen School; Nicolas Bourbaki and its Influence on Modern Mathematics; History of General Relativity; The Intellectual World of Albert Einstein; Modernism and Science; Science in Israel; Science in Latin America; The Intellectual World of Jorge Luis Borges

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WEIZAC: An Israeli Pioneering Adventure in Electronic Computing (1945-1963)
(with Raya Leviathan). Heidelberg, Springer Verlag (2019), 120 pp.
A Brief History of Numbers , Oxford, Oxford University Press (2015), 336 pp.