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I am a Professor in Atmospheric Sciences in the Department of Geosciences, Tel Aviv University.  My main field of research deals with global lightning activity, and the connections between lightning activity and the Earth's climate.  What determines the global distribution and frequency of lightning flashes? Will lightning activity change in a warmer climate? How do we measure global lightning activity from a single location on the earth's  surface?  Is lightning activity related to important climate parameters such as upper tropospheric water vapor and cirrus clouds?  Does lightning have a significant impact on atmospheric chemistry?  What are sprites, and can we study them from Israel?  Do sprites exist on other planets? Is lightning activity related to flash floods, severe weather and perhaps hurricane generation and intensity?  How important is lightning in causing forest fires?  A lot of questions.....

I am also interested in other Atmospheric Electricity problems and phenomenon.  This involves carrying our field measurements in the Negev Desert using sensitive equipment in different frequency bands, from DC, to ULF, ELF and VLF.  These data have been used to study solar storms, the solar rotation, meteors, the ionosphere, and even possible electromagnetic precursors before earthquakes.

In addition to research, I also teach courses related to Atmospheric Physics, Climate Change, El Nino, Atmospheric Electricity, Biomass Burning and Atmosperic Optics.

Some of our research in the NEWS!!

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July 2012:  Climate Change and Thunderstorms
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April 2010: 
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November 2009:  Solar Rotation detection using lightning data
May 2009:  Hurricanes and lightning activity
February 2009:  Sprite Symmetry
January 2008: Research ranked #25 in Top 100 Science Stories of 2007 by Discovery Magazine
May 2007:  African Lightning and Hurricane Genesis


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