Curriculum Vitae


1. Personal:

Margaret C. Morrison                           

Dept. of Philosophy                             

Trinity College                                        

University of Toronto                                 

Toronto, Ont.                                  

M5S 1H8                                  

Fax: (416) 978-4949

2. Degrees:

1987:     Ph.D. (Philosophy)  University of Western Ontario

1982:     M.A. (Philosophy)  University of Western Ontario

1981:     B.A. (1ST Class Hons.)  (Philosophy)  Dalhousie University


3. Employment:

Philosophy Department  1989-present

Full Professor (1998)

Tenure - 1992

1987-89:  Assistant Prof. (tenure track)  University of Minnesota          

1987-88:  Visiting Assistant Professor (Philosophy) Stanford                 University

1991-present: Research Affiliate - Centre for Philosophy of                  Science, London School of Economics


1976-81:  Research Assistant - Dept. of Biophysics, Dalhousie                University.

4. Professional Affiliations:

Editorial Board:  Philosophy of Science

                 International Studies in the Philosophy of                            Science

                 Physics in Perspective

Board of Governors - Philosophy of Science Association


5. A. Research Interests:

Philosophy of Science:  Construction and Use of Models in Physics

                       Transfer methods across disciplines

                       History of 19th and 20th century physics

                       Theory Unification

History of Philosophy:  Kant


B. Research Awards:

2001-04: SSHRC – Three year Research Grant $46,000

1997-2000:  SSHRC - Three year Research Grant $36,000

1993-97:  SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council       of Canada (three year Research Grant) $33,000.

1995-96:  Research Fellowship - Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin [Wissenschaftskolleg Zu Berlin] Salary Replacement plus expenses.

1996:   Otto and Martha Fischbeck Stiftung, Berlin conference                grant. 5000DM

1995:     British Academy Visiting Professor Fellowship - London             School of Economics

1994;1998: Dean's Excellence Award - U. of T. 

1991:         University of Toronto Research Grant $3,500 

1990-91:  SSHRC Research Time Stipend (Salary Replacement)

1989:         University of Toronto Connaught Faculty Fellowship$10,000          

          University of Minnesota Graduate Faculty Fellowship $6000    

6. Publications


2000: Unifying Scientific Theories: Physical Concepts and          Mathematical Structures  Cambridge U. Press (Jan. 2000)

1999: Models as Mediators: Perspectives on Natural and Social      Science (edited with Mary Morgan) Cambridge U. Press.


2002:”Models and Statistics: Pearson and Fisher on Mendelian             Populations”, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science        (forthcoming).

2001:     "The One and the Many: Conceptions of Unity in Science         and Philosophy" Review Article  Studies in History and         Philosophy of Modern Physics. (in press)


     "Mach, Duhem and Stallo"  History of Science Encyclopedia, Storia della scienza, Istitvto Della Enciclopedia Italiana, Fondata Da Giovanni Treccani,Rome. (in press) 

"Models and Idealisations: Implications for Physical Theory" Idealisations in Physics, Nancy Cartwright and Martin Jones (eds.) Amsterdam: Rodopi (in press).

     "Symmetries and Metaphysics" Proceedings of the           International Colloquium for Logic, Methodology and       Philosophy of Science. Boston Studies in the Philosophy         of Science P. Gardenfors (ed.) (in press).

     "History and Metaphysics: On the Reality of Spin" One         Hundred Years of the Electron J. Buchwald and A. Warwick          (eds.) University of Chicago Press. (in press)

2000:     "Unity and the Limits of Science" in The Limits of        Science Pittsburgh Series in the Philosophy of Science,           G.Massey and Martin Carrier (eds.), University of       Pittsburgh Press.


1999:     "Models as Autonomous Agents" in M. Morgan and M.              Morrison (eds.) Models as Mediators,pp.38-65, Cambridge        University Press.

     "Models as Mediating Instruments" (with Mary    Morgan) Programatic Essay for Models as Mediators,Morgan and Morrison (eds.),pp.10-37, CUP.

1998:     "Community and Coexistence: Kant's Third Analogy of      Experience" Kant-Studien, 89, pp.257-77.

     "Modelling Nature: Between Physics and the Physical       World" Philosophia Naturalis, 35, pp.65-85.

     "Experiment" The Encyclopedia of Philosophy  Edward       Craig (ed.) London: Routledge.

1997:     "Models, Pragmatics and Heuristics" Dialectic   1997/1, pp. 13-26.

     "Whewell and the Ultimate Problem of Philosophy" Studies      in the History and Philosophy of Science Vol.28, pp.417-         437.


     "Physical Models and Biological Systems" Philosophy of        Science Supplemental Issue, Vol.64, 4, pp.315-325.

1995:     "Capacities and the Problem of Singular Causes"           Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Vol. 55, No.1        pp.163-68

     "Space, Time and Reciprocity" Proceedings of the          International Kant Congress,  Memphis: University of           Tennesee Press.

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1994:     "Causes and Contexts: The Foundations of Laser Theory" British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Vol. 45, No.1 pp.127-154.

1992:     "A Study in Theory Unification: The Case of Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory" Studies in History and Philosophy of Science  Vol.23, pp.103-145.

     "Some Complexities of Experimental Evidence" Philosophy       of Science Association Proceedings, Vol. 1, David Hull       and M. Forbes (eds.), pp.49-62.

1990:     "Theory, Experiment and Intervention"  Synthese  82,           pp.1-22.

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1989:     "Methodological Rules in Kant's Philosophy of Science"         Kant-Studien  80, pp.155-172.

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1988:     "Reduction and Realism"  Philosophy of Science       Association Proceedings Vol.I  P.Asquith and A. Fine        (eds.), pp.286-93.

1986:     "More on the Relationship between Technically Good and         Conceptually Important Experiments:  A Case Study" The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Vol. 37, pp.101-122.

     "Quantum Logic and the Invariance Argument - A Reply          to Bell and Hallett"  Philosophy of Science  Vol.53,         No.3, pp.403-411.


1991:     Review of John Hendry James Clerk Maxwell and the Theory      of the Electromagnetic Field in Philosophy of Science 58,        pp.505-7.

1989:     Review of Desmond Clarke Descartes Philosophy of Science      in Philosophy of Science, 54, pp.

7. Papers Presented at Conferences/Meetings:

2001:”Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: Some Philosophical Problems” Conference on Symmetries in Physics, Oxford, Jan.

2000:     "Nature and Experiment" International Conference on Philosophy of Experiment, University of Amsterdam, June 15-17.


“Models in Biological Systems” Conference on Models in Biology and Economics, University of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, Sept.30.

1999:     "Philosophical Problems for the Unity of Science"    Conference on the Relevance of Philosophy for    Science,Lorentz Institute for Physics, University of Leiden, June 1999.

     "Groups, Gauges and Metaphysics" Workshop on Symmetry in      Physics, Lorentz Institute for Physics, June 1999.

     "Symmetry and Structure: The Ontology of Physics"         (invited Lecture) International Congress for Logic,      Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Kracow Poland,        August 1999.

1997:     "From the Inconceivable to the Real: The Role of Models       in Determining Physical Reality"  Conference on the          Electromagnetic Spectrum, MIT, Feb. 6-8th.

"On the Mysterious Fourth Quantum Number" Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the Electron,      Dibner Institute, MIT, May 8-10th.

     "Unity and Disunity: A False Dichotomy" Conference on          Philosophical Problems in the Unity of Physics.  Seven        Pines Symposium/ University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,          May 14-18th.

     "Models, Machines and Representations"  History of        Science Society Conference, San Diego, Nov.6-9.

1996:     "Models as Autonomous Agents"  Conference on Models in         Economics and Physics, University of Amsterdam, Feb. 1996    

     "Modelling Physical Systems" Conference on Modelling           Techniques in the Physical and Economic Sciences,              Wissenschaftskolleg Zu Berlin, May 1996.

     "Unity and Disunity in Physical Models" Conference             Conference on Unity and Models in Physics, Technical           University, Berlin, June 1996.       


     "What's Ideal About the Ideal Gas Law" Joint British-         North American History of Science Meeting, Edinburgh,           July 1996.

     "Physical Models and Biological Systems" Symposium on         Models as Mediators, Philosophy of Science Association           Meetings, Cleveland, Oct. 1996.

1995:     "Space, Time and Reciprocity"  International Kant         Congress, Memphis, TN, Feb. 1995.


     "Particulars: Models and Particles"  Conference on        Particularism, London School of Economics. May 1995

1994:     "Community and Coexistence" Pacific Division,American Philosophical Association Meeting, Los Angeles,      March 1994.


     "Models as Mediators"  Workshop on Methodological Aspects          of Modelling, London School of Economics, Nov. 1994

     "Unified Theories and Disparate Things"  Symposium on         Unity and Disunity in Physics and Biology, Philosophy of        Science Association Meeting, New Orleans, Oct. 1994

1993:"Hume and Kant on Theoretical Reason"  International Hume          Conference, Ottawa,  July 6-10.


1992:     "The Nature of Physical Models"  Canadian Society for              History and Philosophy of Science annual meeting, May         26th, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

     "Some Complexities of Experimental Evidence"  Philosophy      of Science Association Meetings, Chicago, Oct. 1992.

1991:     "Approximating the Real"  Pacific Division American      Philosophical Association (APA) meeting, March 1991, San      Francisco.

     "Scientific Conclusions and Philosophical Arguments"           Conference on Contextualism and Disunity in Science,           Stanford University  April 1991.

1990:     "Causes and Capacities" Invited Paper-Symposium on             Foundations of Contemporary Physics (Pacific APA,LA)         

     "Two Kinds of Experimental Evidence"  Symposium on        Maxwell, History of Science Society Meeting, (HSS)       Seattle.                                  

     "Rediscovering Logical Empiricism" Symposium on the       History of Logical Empiricism (HSS Meeting, Seattle) 

"Deductions from Phenomena in Electromagnetism"      Conference on Reasoning from Phenomena,    University of Western Ontario.

     "Interpreting Data: Hertz' Experiments on       Electromagnetism"  Conference on Table Top Experiments        (IHPST, U. of Toronto)

     "Theory, Experiment and Arguing from Data" Symposium on       Theory and Experiment (Canadian Society for History and          Philosophy of Science/Canadian Philosophical Association      Annual Meeting, Victoria B.C.)


1988:     "Reduction and Realism" Philosophy of Science Association Meetings, Chicago IL

1986:     "Explanation and Inference".  Presented to the Canadian        Society for the History and Philosophy of Science.

1985:     "Quantum Logic and the Invariance Argument".  Presented       to the Canadian Philosophical Association.

     "Methodological Rules in Kant's Philosophy of Science".

     Presented to the Canadian Society for the History and          Philosophy of Science.

1984:     "The Role of Certainty in Cartesian Science".         Presented to the Canadian Society for the History    and Philosophy of Science.

8. Invited Lectures:

2001:”The Pearson–Fisher Controversy” Dept. of HPS, Cambridge, Jan.       25th.

“The Empirical Status of Symmetries” Philosophy Dept. Popper Seminar, London School of Economics, Jan 30th.

2000:     "Symmetries: Physics or Metaphysics" Northwestern         University, Evanston, Feb. 2000.

1999:     "True Knowledge, False Models" University of California,      San Diego, March 1999.

     "Concrete Knowledge and Abstract Structures" Concordia University, Montreal, Jan. 1999.

1998:     "Some Categories for Understanding Models" University of Western Ontario, March 1998.

     "Learning from Models" Annual Science Studies Lecture,University of South Carolina, Nov. 1998.

     "Models, Representation and Truth" Princeton University, Nov. 1998.

     "How Models Represent the World" York University,         Toronto, Dec. 1998.

1997:     "Physical Models for Population Genetics: The Work of              R.A. Fisher" Institute for History and Philosophy of           Science, University of Toronto, March 1997.

     "Scientific Reasoning: Models and Methods" Annual Trinity          College Spring Colloquium, U. of Toronto, March 1997.

     "What are Models?" University of Leeds, UK Dec.1997.

1996:     "Models and Instruments"  Colloquium, Wissenschaftskolleg          Zu Berlin, May 1996.

     Workshop on using models in different fields, Centre for      Philosophy of Science, LSE and Oxford Orthopedic and           Engineering Faculty, Oxford, UK, Oct. 1996.

1995:     "How Models Relate to the World"  McGill University, Feb.          1995

"Philosophical Problems and Physical Models" University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany  Nov. 1995

1994:     "Symmetries as Meta-Laws", Rutgers University, March 1994          and the University of Western Ontario, Jan. 1994.

     "Theory Unification: Physical and Mathematical       Structures", British Society for the Philosophy of           Science, May 1994.

     "On the Nature of Phenomenological and Theoretical        Models" Philosophy of Physics and Economics Research         Group, London School of Economics, May 1994

     "The Metaphysics of Gauge Symmetries" Centre for the           Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences, London         School of Economics, June 1994     

     "Structural Unification in the Biological Synthesis"          All London History and Philosophy of Science Seminar,             June 1994.


1993:"Closing the Gap: Physical Models and Real Systems",          University of Waterloo, Jan. 8th.

     "Whewell on the Nature of Ideas", University of Toronto March 1993.

1992:"The Role of Models in Contemporary Science", Queen's University, Jan.13.

     "Assessing Approximations", University of Ottawa, Jan.2 and Institute for History and Philosophy of Science, U. of Toronto., March 24.

     "Explanatory Structures and the Nature of Evidence" London School of Economics, Nov. 24th.

1991:     "Causal Laws and Theoretical Contexts"  Presented to the Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science - University of Cambridge Department of Philosophy - LSE, Oct. 1991.

1990:     "Hacking's Experimental Realism"  McGill University

1989:"Theory, Intervention and Realism" York University; University of California - San Diego; Centre for Philosophy of Science - University of Minnesota.

     "Theory Unification"  Institute for History of Science and Technology, University of Minnesota

1987:     "Unification and Realism" Columbia University; Carnegie Mellon University.