Cinematic Traces of Things to Come

The Tenth Tel Aviv International Colloquium on Cinema and Television Studies
Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

Tel Aviv, Israel, 8-11 June 2014

Sunday, 8 June 2014 Tel Aviv University

Mexico Building, Room 206a

Zvika Serper, Dean of the Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University

Yaron Bloch, Head of the Department of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University

Raz Yosef, Head of the B.A. Cinema Studies Program, Tel Aviv University

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Documents of Time

Chair: Ilan Avisar (Tel Aviv University)

Philip Rosen (Brown University)
“Pale Apparitions Haunting the Very Places”: Kracauer’s Ghosts

Gertrud Koch (Freie Universität Berlin)
The Disappearance of the Past and the Appearance of the Future: Chris Marker’s Remembrance of Things to Come

Meir Wigoder (Sapir College and Tel Aviv University)
Mute Traces: Constructing Destruction in Contemporary Set-Up Photography

Michael Renov (University of Southern California)
The Staging of Testimony in Contemporary Documentary Film

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Documenting Israel

Chair: Meir Wigoder (Sapir College and Tel Aviv University)

Respondent: Yael Munk (The Open University of Israel)

Régine-Mihal Friedman (Tel Aviv University)
Between Announcements and Annunciation: On Nurith Aviv’s Besorot

Anat Zanger (Tel Aviv University)
Forgetting Jerusalem: The City , the Traces and the Images

Shmulik Duvdevani (Tel Aviv University) and Anat Dan (Tel Aviv University)
The Rust of Time: The Apparition of Memory in David Greenberg’s Sha’ar Ha’Guy

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Visualizing Trauma

Chair: Régine-Mihal Friedman (Tel Aviv University)

Respondent: Leshu Torchin (University of St. Andrews)

Kristian Feigelson (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3/IRCAV)
Visual Representations of the Gulag

Sandra Meiri (The Open University of Israel)
Cinememory: Sexualized Trauma and Coming of Age in Holocaust-Related Israeli Films

Anne Rothe (Wayne State University)
Oprah goes to Auschwitz: Televising American Trauma Culture between Holocaust Tropes and Self-Help Discourse

Julia Barbara Köhne (Humboldt University Berlin)
Trauma Cinematics: Depicting Dissociation in Precious (2009)

Mexico Building, Room 200
Special Workshop: “The Return of the Archive”

Anton Kaes (University of California, Berkeley)

Monday, 9 June 2014 Tel Aviv University

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Presence as Absence

Chair: Ohad Landesman (Tel Aviv University)

Ariel Schweitzer (Université Paris 8 and Tel Aviv University)
The Green Years: The Missing Sequence

Yael Munk (The Open University of Israel)
“And Europe Will Be Stunned…”: Yael Bartana’s Alternative History Proposition

Odeya Kohen Raz (Tel Aviv University, The Open University of Israel, and Sapir Academic College)
The Cinematic Dream as Mise-en-Abyme

Mexico Building, Room 211
Cinema Out of Bounds

Chair: Boaz Hagin (Tel Aviv University)

Erez Dvora (Tel Aviv University)
Sensing the Utopian through the Technological Sublime

Nava Dushi (Tel Aviv University)
Textual Experimentation: To See the Unseen, to Think the Unthought in Cinema

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Trauma and Temporality in Israeli Cinema

Chair: Orly Lubin (Tel Aviv University)

Respondent: Boaz Hagin (Tel Aviv University)

Nurith Gertz (The Open University of Israel and Sapir Academic College)
Between Traces of the Past and Visions of the Future

Raz Yosef (Tel Aviv University)
Resisting Genealogy: Diasporic Grief and Heterosexual Melancholia in Contemporary Israeli Cinema

Judd Ne’eman (Tel Aviv University)
“Short Cuts” et al.: Wandering Heart Movies

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Tracing Documentary Reenactments

Chair: Nitzan Ben-Shaul (Tel Aviv University)

Respondent: Raya Morag (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Sylvie Rollet (Université de Poitiers/IRCAV)
A Gestural Memory of the Disaster: Rithy Panh’s Documentary Work

Jonathan Kahana (University of California Santa Cruz)
Speech-Acts of Killing

Ohad Landesman (Tel Aviv University) and Laliv Melamed (New York University)
Documentary Reenactment and the Restaging of Historical Imagination in The Act of Killing

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Alternative Histories

Chair: Odeya Kohen Raz (Tel Aviv University, The Open University of Israel, and Sapir Academic College)

Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann (HFF Konrad Wolf)
Collecting Material For The Future: Thomas Heise’s Dialogue between the Present and the Future

Shirly Bahar (New York University)
Route to Nowhere: From Spatial Absence to Cinematic Presence in Route 181

Marcy Goldberg (University of Zurich and Zurich University of the Arts)
The History Film on Trial: The Case of Grüninger’s Case

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Tel Aviv University

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Being with the Future and Causing the Event

Chair: Shai Biderman (Tel Aviv University)

Eli Friedlander (Tel Aviv University)
Benjamin, Chaplin and the Genius of Failure

Garnet C. Butchart (Duquesne University)
Contact without Community: Jean-Luc Nancy’s Film Philosophy

Adam Aboulafia (Tel Aviv University)
Irreducible Synthesis: Beyond the Documentary/Fiction Divide

Ruth Ronen (Tel Aviv University)
The Anticipated Truth of the Cinematic Event

Mexico Building, Room 211
Archives of the Moving Image: MA Student Workshop

Chair: Yael Munk (The Open University of Israel)

Yael Mazor (Tel Aviv University)
History Repeating? The Archive and Reenactment of History in Farocki’s Respite and Karmakar’s The Himmler Project

Yaara Ozery (Tel Aviv University)
Reenacted Specters: Phantasmatic Ethical Spaces in Shlomi Elkabetz’s Edut (Testimony)

Ido Lewit (Tel Aviv University)
The Remnant of the Kafkaesque: Orson Welles’ Adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial

Ariel Avissar (Tel Aviv University)
The Shape of Things to Come: Catastrophe and Paranoia in Contemporary American Television

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Thinking the Image: Complex Narration and Disconnected Selves

Chair: Raz Yosef (Tel Aviv University)

Nitzan Ben-Shaul (Tel Aviv University)
Optional Thinking and Change of Heart in Rashomon

Gal Raz (Tel Aviv University)
Connecting and Disconnecting Selves in Haneke’s Amour: A Neurocinematic Account

Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam)
A Different Past? Feedback Loops and Complex Narration in “The Neuro-Image”

Mexico Building, Room 206a
The Global and the Local: Placing the Past and the Future

Chair: Sandra Meiri (The Open University of Israel)

Deane Williams (Monash University, Australia)
Citizen Penn: Politics and Location in the Films of Sean Penn

Lisa M. Rabin (George Mason University)
Child Utopias and Historical Children: Mid-Century Films on Progressive Schooling, 1941-1953

Peter Decherney (University of Pennsylvania)
Fair Use Goes Global

Mexico Building, Room 206a
Envisioning the Future and the Past

Chair: Jérôme Bourdon (Tel Aviv University)

Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam)
On Making Memory Posthumously: The Distribution of Agency of Home Movies

John Ellis (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Hidden in Plain Sight

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 Third Ear Records

Special workshop at The OzenBar, Third Ear Records, 48 King George St., Tel Aviv


Edut (Testimony) / Shlomi Elkabetz, Israel, 2011 (80 minutes, English subtitles)

Ethics and Documentary Cinema

Chair: Shmulik Duvdevani (Tel Aviv University)

Daniel Dayan (CNRS/EHESS, Paris and The New School for Social Research)
Towards an Ethics of Visibility

Brian Winston (University of Lincoln)
The Post-Post Documentary: Eliminating the Director?

Leshu Torchin (University of St. Andrews)
Recovering the Witness: L’Image Manquante/The Missing Picture (Rithy Panh, 2013)

Raya Morag (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Defining Perpetrator Cinema

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