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Object Based Environment for Urban Simulation (OBEUS)

Unfinished PhD work of Vlad Kharbash

OBEUS operationally implements the paradigm of Geographic Automata System (GAS)
GAS considered urban system as consisting of unitary related objects, which are either
- fixed (features) or
- non-fixed (agents).
Fixed objects are located directly, just as in GIS, which also supplies relationships between them
Non-fixed objects are located by pointing to fixed objects, that is also by relationships


Houses are neighbors if their Voronoi
polygons have common edge
Householders are located by pointing
to their houses or apartments
Landlords are "located" by pointing
to their (shared) properties

More on GAS on the Geosimulation book site...

OBEUS the is an object-based research-oriented modeling environment.
OBEUS is a shareware .NET application
Our goal in developing OBEUS is to overcome the limitations of Cellular Automata and Multi-Agent Systems:
- to allow for the simultaneous processing of immobile and mobile urban objects;
- to directly account for spatial relationships between various types of urban objects;
- to portray changes of infrastructure objects, agents' migration and adaptation,
- to reveal the emergence of spatial patterns at higher levels of urban hierarchy.

User interacts with OBEUS via:

1. Model tree
defines objects' properties and behavior

2. Model work flow
defines synchronization mode

3. Borland C# Compiler
Objects' behavior is represented by assessment and automation rules coded with C#.

OBEUS automatically generates many methods and this drastically reduces the investment in coding

OBEUS is tightly coupled with GIS and graph libraries and the model output
is presented by thematic maps, graphs and is parallely stored in the model database

OBEUS processes abstract and explicit GIS-based models in the same manner

Schelling residential dynamics model - an abstract and real-world versions.
Main output windows of OBEUS are maps, charts and trace window

Regrettably, Vlad was not able to continue his PhD work and
OBEUS development is cancelled.
Mail me if you are interested in OBEUS in any respect...

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