Animal swarms

a natural wonder with great environmental implications

This is one in a series of five international and interdisciplinary workshops dedicated to major scientific challenges in the study of ecology, evolution, and biodiversity, titled: When Science Meets Nature ( The workshops are aimed at advancing interdisciplinary and basic research and allowing students and young scientists to interact intimately with leading figures in the international scientific community, to establish potential ties and future collaborations. 

Image on top shows Grey cranes flock over the Hula Lake in northern Israel. Some 30,000 cranes stayed the winter at the man-made lake instead of migrating to Africa. Local farmers feed the birds with corn in a bid to prevent them from destroying their crops. Picture: AFP, 2009.

Alternating image: Among desert locusts. A locust outbreak is a stupendous natural phenomenon that remains in the memory of whoever has been lucky (or unlucky) enough to witness it. Picture was taken in Morocco during the 2004 plague.         Philip Dalton/


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