The Middle Bronze Study Group (MBSG)
Intermediate Bronze/Middle Bronze cemetery at Shuni (2002)

On Thursday April 25, 2002 a special meeting was held by the Israel Antiquities Authority at the Har Hotzvim Science Center on the subject of the recently discovered (summer/fall 2001) Intermediate Bronze/Middle Bronze cemetery at Shuni, near the town of Binyamina, at the southern tip of Mt. Carmel. Though restoration and registration work has just begun, the large number of intact vessels and stunning small finds warranted a public showing. Below are some pictures (taken with permission of the excavator, Martin Peilstocker).

Martin Peilstocker, the excavator, presenting the initial report.
An MBIIA storejar and various other MBA and IBA vessels.
A sample (small!) of intact MBA and IBA vessels from the Shuni cemetery.
A sample of small finds from the Shuni cemetery, including rare fenestrated axes, javelin heads, scarabs and bone inlay.