The Middle Bronze Study Group (MBSG)


Mission Statement


The Middle Bronze Study Group (MBSG) was established in September 1999 by David Ilan of Tel Aviv University, Aren Maeir of Bar Ilan University and Ezra Marcus of Haifa University.  The new groupís purpose is to forward the systematic study of the Middle Bronze Age of the Levant.  This goal will be attained by the following means:


  1. The maintenance of a website that will served as a storage facility and clearing house for information both new and old.  The website (presently maintained by the Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology) will include meeting and other announcements, databases on such topics as radiocarbon dates and graphic resources, a bibliographic database, paper abstracts, and full-text articles.  Future options may include a discussion group.

  2. Yearly symposia on topics of special interest.  Our last symposium, held at the Hebrew Union College in March 2000, dealt with chronological issues. Most of the papers and abstracts can be viewed from the symposium page.
  3. An international conference that will delve comprehensively into a variety of topics of scholarly concern.

  4. Maintence of a connection with the umbrella organization The Sychronization of Civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd Millennium BC (SCIEM), a Special Research Program of the Austrian Academy and the Austrian Science Fund.


The MBSG will be an ongoing venture with no foreseeable endpoint.  It will be administered collegially by the three principle instigators, but others may be added on a permanent or temporary, ad hoc basis.  The MBSG is intended as a professional, academic venue.  Meetings and website contributions will be open to all comers, though the organizers will mediate content by academic criteria.  


For further information or to offer comments contact:

Dr. David Ilan   Dr. Aren Maeir  Dr. Ezra Marcus