TEL AVIV, founded in 1974, publishes studies on the history, culture, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. The emphasis is on biblical archaeology and the extensive field work in which the Institute of Archaeology is currently engaged. The publication includes studies related to archaeological projects conducted by the staff of the Institute as well as papers on historical, biblical and philological subjects.

TEL AVIV is published twice a year by the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University. Each annual volume contains approximately 280 pages and includes drawings, maps and photographs.

Articles submitted for publication and other editorial communications should be addressed to the Editor. Contributors are asked to follow the instructions in Notes for Contributors published in TEL AVIV, Volume 19, 1992, pp. 130-132. Offprints are available on request.

The Editors are not responsible for the opinions expressed by the contributors.

Editor David Ussishkin
Editorial Board Israel Finkelstein, Ram Gophna, Benjamin Isaac, Nadav Na'aman
Assistant Editor Michele Burns

Contents and Abstracts
- Volume 27 Number 1, June 2000
- Volume 26 Number 2, December 1999
- Volume 26 Number 1, June 1999
- Volume 25 Number 2, December 1998
- Volume 25 Number 1, June 1998
- Volume 24 Number 2, December 1997
- Volume 24 Number 1, June 1997
- Volume 23 Number 2, December 1996
- Volume 23 Number 1, June 1996
- Volume 22 Number 2, December 1995
- Volume 22 Number 1, June 1995

Tel Aviv Occasional Publications Series

No. 1, 1993
kniattutu sa darati: Raphael Kutscher Memorial Volume

No. 2, 1997
Studies in the Iron Age Pottery of Israel:
Typelogical, Archaeological and Chronological Aspects

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