Volume 26 Number 2 1999


Oded Lipschits: The History of the Benjamin Region under Babylonian Rule

Itzhaq Beit-Arieh and Ram Gophna: The Egyptian Protodynastic (Late EB I) Site at Tel Ma'ahaz: A Reassessment.

Eli Yannai: New Typological and Technological Aspects of Grey Burnished Bowls in Light of the Excavation at 'Ain Assawir

Carolyn Higgenbotham: The Statue of Ramses III from Beth Shean

Avraham Faust: Differences in Family Structure Between Cities and Villages in Iron Age II

Irit Yezerski: Burial Cave Distribution and the Borders of the Kingdom of Judah toward the End of the Iron Age

Yotam Tepper: A Basilica at Beth - Yera Beth Yera Revisited