Volume 26 Number 1 1999


Lily Singer-Avitz: Beersheba - A Gateway Community in Southern Arabian Long-Distance Trade in the Eighth Century B.C.E.

Appendix: Yoram Eshet: Micropaleontological Examination of a Stone
Object from Beersheba

Itzhaq Beit-Arieh: Excavation of an EB II Site at Ramat Matred in the Negev Highlands

Volkmar Fritz: Kinneret: Excavations at Tell el-Oreimeh (Tel Kinrot) Preliminary Report on the 1994-1997 Seasons

Deborah Sweeney and Asaf Yasur-Landau: Following the Path of the Sea Persons: the Women in the Medinet Habu Reliefs

Jeffrey Zorn: A Note on the Date of the 'Great Wall' of Tell en Na§beh: A Rejoinder