Volume 23 Number 1 1996


Excavations and Restoration Work at Tel Lachish: 1985- 1994. Third Preliminary Report
   David Ussishkin

Lmlk and Official Seal Impressions from Tel Lachish
   Gabriel Barkay and Andrew G. Vaughn

A Balance Beam from Tel Lachish
   Gabriel Barkay

On the Casting of a Bronze Door Hinge
   Abraham H. Levy

Philistine and Israelite Pottery: A Comparative Approach to the Question of Pots and People
   Shlomo Bunimovitz and Asaf Yasur-Landau

Horvat Qitmit Revisited via 'En Hazeva
   Pirhiya Beck

Oil Lamps of the roman Period from Apollonia-Arsuf
   Lior Wexler and Gabi Gilboa

Excavations and Restoration Work at Tel Lachish: 1985-1994 Third Preliminary Report

David Ussishkin

Systematic excavations were renewed at Tel Lachish (Tell ed-Duweir) in 1973 by the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University and the Israel Exploration Society under the direction of Prof. David Ussishkin. The first five seasons, which took place from 1973-1977, were summarized in the first preliminary excavation report (see Tel Aviv 5:1-97), and the 6th to 9th seasons, carried out from 1978-1983, were summarized in the second preliminary excavation report (see Tel Aviv 10:97-175). The 10th and 11th seasons (1985 and 1987), the restoration work carried out on the Judean city gate (from 1985-1992), and the clearings (in 1993 and 1994) undertaken as part of the preparations to open Tel Lachish as a National Park, are summarized in the present report which is a continuation of the previous ones.

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