Volume 22 Number 1 1995


EB IV Tombs and Burials in Palestine
   Zvi Greenhut

Two Notes on Early Bronze Age Urbanization and Urbanism
   Israel Finkelstein

A Note on the Middle Bronze Age Cemetery at Jericho
   Baruch Rosen

The 'Hippo' Jar and Other Storage Jars at Hurvat Rosh Zayit
   Yardenna Alexandre

The Diffusion of Phoenician cultural Influence in Light of the Excavations at Hurvat Rosh Zayit
   Zvi Gal

An Official Seal Impression from Lachish Reconsidered
   Gabriel Barkay and Andrew G. Vaughn

Three Cross-shaped "Tet" Stamp Impressions from Tell en-Nasbeh
   Jeffrey R. Zorn

Roman-Byzantine Cemeteries and Tombs Around Apollonia
   Oren Tal

The Timber Trade in Ancient Palestine
   Nili Liphschitz and Gideon Biger

Conifer Beams of Juniperus Phoenica Found in the Well of Tel Beer-sheba
   Simcha Lev-Yadun, Ze'ev Herzog
   and Tsvika Tsuk

   Dani Nadel

138 pages, maps, figures and photographic plates.

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