No. 10

The Archaeology of a Biblical Site

Israel Finkelstein, Shlomo Bunimovitz,
and Zvi Lederman

Israel Finkelstein

Tel Aviv 1993

The final report of the excavation of biblical Shiloh is a detailed interdisciplinary study of an important Canaanite and Israelite cult centre in the highlands north of Jerusalem. Architecture, pottery and small finds, supplemented by investigations into the palaeoeconomy and settlement patterns of its environs, give a vivid picture of the nature of this site from the Middle Bronze to the Iron Age.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
      Israel Finkelstein

Part One: Stratigraphy and Architecture

Chapter 2
   Area C: The Iron Age I Pillared Buildings and
   other remains
      Shlomo Bunimovitz
Chapter 3
   Area D: Middle Bronze Age Stone and Earth
   Works, Late Bronze Age Dumped Debris and
   Iron Age I Silos
      Zvi Lederman & Israel Finkelstein
Chapter 4
   Area F-H: Middle Bronze III Fortifications
   and Storerooms
      Israel Finkelstein & Zvi Lederman
Chapter 5
   Areeas E, G, J, K, L and M
      Israel Finkelstein

Part Two: The Finds

Chapter 6
      Shlomo Bunimovitz & Israel Finkelstein
Chapter 7
   Flint Tools
      Erich Friedmann
Chapter 8
   Scarabs and Other Glyptic Finds
      Baruch Brandl
Chapter 9
   Clay, Bone, Metal and Stone Objects
      Baruch Brandl
Chapter 10
   Personal Accessories and Ornaments
      Benjamin Sass

Part Three: Physical and Chemical Analyses

Chapter 11
   Petrographic Analysis of Ceramic Assemblages
      Jonathan Glass, Yuval Goren,
      Shlomo Bunimovitz & Israel Finkelstein
Chapter 12
   Middle Bronge Age III Metal Objects
      Sariel Shalev & Peter Northover
Chapter 13
   Micromorphological Investigations of the
   Middle Bronze Age Glacis
      Hanoch Lavee, Moshe Wieder
      & Israel Finkelstein
Chapter 14
   Electron Spin Resonance Spectrocopy of Heat
   Grains From an Iron Age I Silo
      Ionel Rosenthal & Baruch Rosen

Part Four: Environment and Economy

Chapter 15
   Faunal Remains
      Shlomo Hellwing, Moshe Sade
      & Vered Kishon
Chapter 16
   Paleobotanical Remains
      Nili Liphschitz
Chapter 17
   Food Remains
      Mordechai Kislev
Chapter 18
   Economy and Subsistence
      Baruch Rosen

Part Five: Conclusion

Chapter 19
   The History and Archaeology of Shiloh
   from the Middle Bronze Age II to
   Iron Age II
      Israel Finkelstein

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