No. 1
Tel Aviv 1993

kniattutu sa darati

Edited by
A.F. Rainey

Occasional Publications Series, No. 1, 1993
ISBN 965-440-002-2
245 pages, 9 photographic plates.
Paperback. Price: $ 25.00

Table of Contents
   Raphael Kutscher in Memoriam
   Bibliography of Professor Raphael
Mari and the Origin of Prophecy
   Moshe Anbar
EA 43, An (Almost) Forgotten Amarna Letter
   Pinhas Artzi
The Babylonian Forerunner of a Mandaic Formula
   Jonas C. Greenfield
Sumerian Religion
   William W. Hallo
Temporary Temples
   Victor Avigdor Hurowitz
New Readings in the Amarna Versions of Adapa and Nergal and Ereshkigal
   Shlomo Izre’el
Notes on the Word lú
   Thorkild Jacobsen
Suppiluliuma I: The Early Years of His Career
   Aharon Kempinski
Additional notes to "The marriage of Martu"
   Jacob Klein
Über Einige "Zusammengesetze Verben" im Sumerischen
   Joachim Krecher
On the Early Toponomy of Sumer: A Contribution to the Study of Early Mesopotamian Writing
   Piotr Michalowski
Some Aspects of Literary Design in the Ancient Near Eastern Epic
   Frank Polak
Manasseh, King of Judah, in the Whirlpool of the Seventh Century B.C.E.
   Anson F. Rainey
Seven Emar Tablets
   Marcel Sigrist
A Hittite Signet Ring from Tel Nami
   Itamar Singer
The Adoption Laws of Codex of Hammurabi
   Raymond Westbrook
Writing for Posterity: Naram-Sin and Enmerkar
   Joan Goodnick Westenholtz
Hurrians as well as Individuals Bearing Hurrian and Strange Names in Sumerian Sources
   Ran Zadok

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