Tel Megiddo
Megiddo is an archetypal historical site whose cast of characters includes Canaanites, Israelites, Philistines, Assyrians, and Persians in the biblical period, Ottoman Turks and Englishmen in the modern era. For many today, Megiddo conjures up Christian apocalyptic images of Armageddon.

Megiddo was inhabited continuously for six millennia (ca. 7000-500 BCE). The site's importance in the past was undoubtedly due to its role as a way-station and control point for international trade. Its strategic location on the Via Maris -- the major international military and trade route of antiquity linking Egypt in the south with Syria, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia in the north and east -- gave Megiddo control of a bottleneck along this road where it emerges from the narrow 'Aruna pass into the fertile Jezreel Valley

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