The main goal of the excavations is to clarify the stratigraphy and chronology of Megiddo, from the Early Bronze Age to the late Iron Age and to shed light on specific historical problems such as state formation in Israel in the 10th-9th centuries BCE.

 Israel Finkelstein
   Tel Aviv University, Israel
 Baruch Halpern
   Pennyslvania State University, USA
 David Ussishkin
   Tel Aviv University, Israel


 Yitzhak and Lena Benenson
   Tel Aviv University - development of database applications
 Eric Cline
   University of Cincinnati - field archaeologist, pottery analyst
 Judith Dekel
   Tel Aviv University - excavation artist
 Robert Deutsch
   Tel Aviv University - field archaeologist
 Norma Franklin
   Tel Aviv University - coordinator of the expedition, 
   field archaeologist
 Yuval Gadot
   Tel Aviv University - field archaeologist
 Adi Kafri
   Tel Aviv University - registrar
 Ann Killebrew
   University of Haifa - field archaeologist and
   presentation of Megiddo to the public
 Axel Knauf
   Unisversity of Bern - field archaeologist
 Lynne Koppeser
   State College PA - volunteers coordinator
 Gunnar Lehmann
   Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - field archaeologist
 Michael Niemann
   University of Rostock - Biblical historian
 Jennifer Peersmann
   Tel Aviv University - field archaeologist
 Lucus Petit
  field archaeologist
 Benjamin Sass
   Tel Aviv University - artefacts analyst
 Pavel Shrago
   Tel Aviv University - excavation photographer
 Paula Wapnish
   University of Alabama - archaeozoology