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 The Gossip Corner
Alex Joffe, Area H supervisor in 96, and Rachel Hallote, Area F assistant in 96, are the proud new parents of Rose Shifra, as of 15 Oct. 98. She weighed in at 58.4 cm. (23 in.) and 3.17 kg. (7 lbs.) and has lots of black hair and a great appetite.

Congratulations to Eyal (co-supervisor in Area H) and Michal Buzaglo, who were married August 12 in Tel Aviv. Apparently, there will be grounds for more con-gratulations in a few months!
Michelle Burns, square supervisor in Area M, is now the Assistant Editor of the Tel Aviv Journal of the Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology.

Directors Israel Finkelstein and Baruch Halpern have both taken the 1998-99 year on sabbatical. Finkel-stein is at the Sorbonne in Paris, while Halpern is at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.