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In Memoriam

The Megiddo Expedition suffered a great loss in December when Orna Zimhoni passed away at the age of 45 after a long illness. Orna was born in Tel Aviv and studied archaeology and biblical studies at Tel Aviv University. While still an undergraduate, she joined the expedition at Tel Masos, acting as registrar. Even then she began to develop her interest in pottery, particularly that of Iron Age Israel, about which she eventually became one of the world’s experts. In 1975 she joined the permanent staff of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University where she worked, studied and taught until her death. 

In 1976 Orna became the recorder of the renewed excavations at Tel Lachish, followed by work at Tel Eton, Betar and Tel Jezreel, becoming deeply involved in their publication. In 1993 Orna enthusiastically joined the renewed expedition at Megiddo, helping to organize it, taking part in the excavation and commencing the study of the Iron Age pottery. Though seriously ill during the 1996 season, she managed to partictpate. 

Her publications include the Iron Age pottery of Tel Eton in Tel Aviv 1985 and an associated study on the pottery of Levels V through II at Lachish. Her last article on Tel Jezreel appears in Volume 24 of Tel Aviv

As a member of the Lachish, Jezreel and Megiddo expeditions, Orna was a dedicated and scrupulous archaeologist. Clever and energetic, she became a central figure in the Megiddo Family, beloved and appreciated. She will be dearly missed.