Eyal Buzaglo, an MA student at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Yuval Goren and Israel Finkelstein, is undertaking a petrographic study of the Iron Age pottery from Megiddo. His MA thesis, on pottery production and distribution in northern Israel in the Iron Age, looks at these processes from a petrographic perspective.

The analysis includes the pottery assemblages from the entire sequence of Iron Age Megiddo beginning with Stratum VI and ending with Stratum IVA, and will contain samples from the renewed TAU excavations and from the Oriental Institute Excavations (housed in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem and the University of Chicago). The results will be compared to other sites, such as Jezreel, Beth-shan and Tel Rehov.

Production centers, mass production techniques, and intra-regional pottery trade will all be examined in order to make wider observations on trade and economy in the Iron Age.