This project is in conjunction with the Megiddo Expedition and is supported by the German-Israeli Foundation for Research and Development (GIF). The project is carried out by Prof. Michael Neimann of the University of Rostrock, Germany, and Israel Finkelstein and David Ussishkin of Tel Aviv University.

The project focuses on state formation in the northern kingdom of Israel through the re-analysis and comparison of the textual materials and socio-political theory with the archaeological correlates. Two sub-studies will be conducted in the field:

1. The re-excavation of Palace 6000. This palace was first excavated by Yadin in the 60s. The structure is a bit hilani built in ashlar masonry which Yadin dated to the 10th century BCE (see the chronology debate). Half of the palace was excavated in 1998 and the remaining half will be uncovered in 2000.

2. Two seasons of an archaeological survey (1995 and 1999) were carried out in the Jezreel Valley, in an attempt to reconstruct the settlement patterns around Megiddo in the Iron Age (see the survey).

Other studies connected with this project include: The petrographic study conducted by Eyal Buzaglo of Tel Aviv University; animal husbandry studies by Paula Wapnish of the University of Alabama; analysis of the monumental architecture by Norma Franklin of Tel Aviv University; and the analysis of the glyptics by Benjamin Sass of Tel Aviv University.