The Megiddo Expedition

Viscape is the fastest 3D Web browser available today! It Displays SVR worlds on the Internet and lets you experience the Virtual World Wide Web. The total 3D experience for standard desktop PCs.

VIscape is an activeX control for Internet Explorer & a plugin of Netscape Navigator, allowing you to actively navigate through virtual 3D worlds generated with Superscape's VRT.

Download Instructions:

  • Choose the version to download from the list below

  • Unzip the Viscape installer (vs511XXXX.exe) to a temporary directory.

  • If you are running Netscape Navigator or Communicator, exit your browser. If you are running Internet Explorer you do not need to exit the browser.

  • Run the Viscape installer -- Windows 95 or NT 4.0 - Start>Run, or Windows 3.x and NT 3.51 - Program Manager>File>Run.

  • Follow carefully the instructions in the dialog boxes. If you are prompted to restart Windows, you must do so for Viscape to work correctly.

Choose a Download Version

Windows 95 or NT (2.98 MB) Israeli site

Windows 95 or NT (2.98 MB) US site

Windows 3.x (2.78 MB)