Ramot Archaeology

Director, Mr. Alon Shavit


32 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv,
POB 39296, Tel Aviv 61392

Tel. 03-6428765, 03-6408114
Cellular: 054-580016
Fax: 03-6429865


Email: ramot@post.tau.ac.il


§         Exploratory and salvage excavation

§         Archaeological survey

§         Site reconstruction and preservation

§         Planning

§         Professional business and legal consultation for archaeological matters


Ramot Archaeology is the commercial arm of Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Archaeology and a branch of the university’s Ramot Corporation for applied research and development.


Professional Experience

Ramot Archaeology was the first university-associated firm to initiate contract archaeology on a commercial basis.  Its consultants come from the ranks of the Department of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and our excavation staff are experienced university students and graduates. 


Business Strategy

The policy of Ramot Archaeology is to provide salvage excavation services that will enable developers to gain permits as quickly as possible with maximum effect.  Our executives and field supervisors appreciate the needs of the developer and operate with flexibility as a primary motive, while at the same time keeping to the provisions of the law and professional ethics.  We see ourselves as providing a service and therefore view our client’s interest as central.


Operational Procedures and Verification

Many people see salvage excavation and survey as just another contract project.  However, estimating the cost of archaeological excavation can be a real accounting challenge, since you can never predict how important or rich the resulting finds will be.  For this reason, we first carry out small-scale exploratory probes that provide the basis for estimating expenditures and planning timetables.  Our specialists are committed to precision in projecting costs and schedules following this exploratory investigation.



Like the Ramot Corporation in general, Ramot Archaeology is not a private concern.  Ramot is headed by a board of directors on behalf of its parent, Tel Aviv University.  Obviously, this assures that Ramot must operate under the law and under accepted management procedure.  Complete financial and managerial transparency are the rule in our relations with our clients.  Accounting and project execution can be reviewed by means of established procedures.



Ramot Archaeology is headed by a professional archaeologist, Mr. Alon Shavit.  Developers and contractors work directly with the director, not through intermediaries.  The director submits cost estimates, running accounts and schedules.  The director also appoints professional staff once the requirements of a project have been determined. 



All excavation directors at Ramot Archaeology are graduate students working toward their MA or Phd degrees at the Department of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University.  All have many years of excavation experience under their belts.  These and other members of the staff specialize in various fields of archaeological research—prehistory, Bronze and Iron Age, Classical Periods, Islamic, Medeival and Ottoman periods.  Other are trained as archaeological surveyors who work in tandem with planning bodies.  Professors from the Department of Archaeology participate actively as consultants to the field work conducted by Ramot, at times even directing salvage excavations themselves. 


Other Services

Ramot Archaeology is well connected with the country’s most experienced conservators and experts in archaeological reconstruction.  We also provide consultancy services and financial and legal advice for archaeological issues.