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In 1969 the library was opened as a research library for the Institute of Archaeology. Under the direction of the Chief Librarian, Gabriella Bachi, today over 16,000 books, 7000 offprints and 120 periodicals covering all subjects taught in the Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures are housed on its shelves. Students and faculty alike are kept up-to-date with developments in archaeological research through new books and journals purchased or exchanged for the Institute's publications with over 100 university and museum libraries world-wide. Over the summer months of 2000, the library was renovated and expanded to accommodate its growing collection. The library's computerized catalogue is accessed via the Sourasky Central Library in the Aleph system. Book titles from 1998 are all entered and we are now in the process of working backward. Journal articles are not yet entered. The library has three computer terminals.

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New Books in the Central Library:
Astrom, P. ed. The Chronology of Base Ring and Bichrome Wheel-Made Ware 2001
Barta, Miroslav Abusir V: The Cemeteries at Abusir South I 2001

New Books in the Inst. of Archaeology Library
Alden, Maureen Well Built Mycenae Fasc 7. The Prehistoric Cemetery: Pre Mycenaean and Early Mycenaean Graves 2001
Biella, Peter, Chagnon, Napoleon A. & Seaman Gary Yanomamo Interactive: The Ax Fight 1996
Chagnon, Napoleon A. The Yanomamo. 5th. Ed. 1998
Crowe, I The Quest for Food 2000
Ghiglieri, Michael P. The Dark side of Man: tracing the origins of male violence 1999
Hodel-Hoenes, S. Life and Death in Ancient Egypt 2000
Hoyland, Robert G. Arabia and the Arabs 2001
Pearson, Mike & Shanks, Michael Theatre/Archaeology 2001

New Books in the Central Library:
Carter, Howard The tomb of Tutankhamen: discovered by the late Earl of Carnar von and Howard Carter 2001
Davis, T. M. The Tombs of Harmhabi and Touatankhamanou 2001
Davis, T. M. The Tomb of Siphtah: The monkey tomb & the gold tomb 2001
Moreland, John Archaeology and Text 2001
Volokhine, Youri La frontalite dans L`iconographie de l`Egypte ancienne 2000

New Books in the Inst. of Archaeology Library
Grant, Jim et al. The Archaeology coursebook 2001
Kerner, Susanne Das Chalkolithikum in der suedlichen levante 2001
Machula, Dittmar ed. Ausgrabungen in tall Munbaqa-Eklate. Vol. I 1998
Mayer Walter Ausgrabungen in tall Munbaqa-Eklate. Vol. II 2001