Deborah Sweeney


Lecturer in Egyptology

   BA - Oxford University, 1981
   Ph.D. - Hebrew University, 1990
   Ph.D. Dissertation:
     Interquotation between Non-literary Letters of the Ramesside Period.

Fields of Research
   Letters from Ancient Egypt: Syntax and
   Pragmatics of Ramesside Non-literary Texts
   Women in Ancient Egypt
   Interconnections Between Egypt and
   Neighbouring Countries

Current Projects
   Women and Language in the Ramesside Period

Selected Publications

  • Sweeney, D. 2001. Correspondence and Dialogue: Pragmatic Features in Late Ramesside Letter-writing (Ägypten und Altes Testament 49). Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden. 327 pp.

  • O. Goldwasser and D. Sweeney (eds.). 2001. Structuring Egyptian Syntax: A Tribute to Sarah Israelit-Groll. Lingua Aegyptia 9 . 329 pp.


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Ph.D. Students
Mr. Nir Lalkin (with Prof. Benjamin Sass).
Topic: The Late Bronze Age Scarabs in Eretz Israel