Itamar Singer

Professor of Ancient Near Eastern History and Cultures

   BA - Hebrew University
   MA - Tel Aviv University
Ph.D. - Marburg University, Germany and Tel    Aviv University
   Ph.D. Dissertation:The Hittite KI.LAM Festival

Fields of Research
   ANE History and Cultures
   Sea Peoples

Current Projects
   Hittite Imperial Administration (Israeli Academy
   of Sciences)

   Hittite Glyptics (Israeli Academy of Sciences)

Selected Publications - Books

  • Singer, I. 1983, 1984. The Hittite KI.LAM Festival. 2 Vols. Wiesbaden.
  • Singer, I. and Izre'el, S. 1990. The General's Letter from Ugarit. Tel Aviv.
  • Singer, I. 1996. Muwatalli's Prayer. (ASOR). Atlanta.
MA Students
   Shani Bar
   Amir Gilan
   Jared Miller