Raphael Greenberg

Lecturer in Archaeology

   BA -Hebrew University, 1981 (English Literature)
   MA - Hebrew University, 1987 (Archaeology)
   Ph.D. - Hebrew University, 1997 (Archaeology)
   Ph.D. Dissertation:The Settlement of the Hula Valley from the Beginning of the Early Bronze Age to the End of the Middle Bronze Age 2A: A Study in Regional Archaeology.

Archaeological Field Work
1979-1982 City of David, field supervisor
1981 Tel Batash, field supervisor
1982 Tel Qasile, field supervisor
1983-1987 Tel Qashish, field supervisor
1984 Har `Eval, field supervisor
1988 Tel Na`ama, Director
1990-1991 Ramat Hanadiv Tumulus Field, Director
1991 Hula Valley EB Site Survey, Director
1993 Tel Tanim (with A. Onn and I. Shaqed), Co-Director
1996 Gadot Tomb, Director

1985–present Editor, Israel Antiquities Authority,
1985-1991  Co-editor, Hadashot Arkheologiyot (Archaeological News)
1991-  Senior Editor, `Atiqot and IAA Reports (from 1996)

Principal publications

    New Light on the Early Iron Age at Tell Beit Mirsim. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 265 (1987): 55-80. 

    The Ramat ha-Nadiv Tumulus Field: Preliminary Report. Israel Exploration Journal 42 (1992): 129-152.

    The Pottery Neolithic Levels (with A. Gopher); The Early Bronze Age Levels. In A. Biran, D. Ilan and R. Greenberg Dan I. Jerusalem: Hebrew Union College (1996). Pp. 65-81; 83-160.

    A Third Millennium Levantine Pottery Production Center: The Typology, Petrography, and Provenance of the Metallic Ware of Northern Israel and Adjacent Regions, with N. Porat. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 301 (1996).

    Tell Beit Mirsim. Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East. E. Meyers ed. (1996).

    Area A: The Early Bronze Age; The Early Bronze Age Phases in Area L. In A. Ben-Tor and R. Bonfil eds. Hazor V. Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society (1997). Pp. 17-24; 183-193.

    A Sounding at Tel Na`ama in the Hula Valley (with L.K. Horwitz, O. Lernau, H. Mienis, H. Khalaily and O. Marder). `Atiqot 35:9–35.

Principal translations
    Ancient Gold: Rare Finds from the Nahal Qana Cave, by A. Gopher and Ts. Tsuk (Israel Museum Catalogue 321). Jerusalem (1991).

    The Archaeology of Ancient Israel. Amnon Ben-Tor ed. New Haven: Yale University Press (1992).

Work in Progress 
    Tel Te’o: A Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Early Bronze Age Site in the Hula Valley (with E. Eisenberg and A. Gopher).

    A Guide for the Excavation and Publication of Archaeological Sites: Part I — Fieldwork; Part II — Processing and Publication (with R. Reich and I. Sharon)(Hebrew).

    Patterns of Early Urbanization: A Regional Perspective (a volume in the series: New Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology,   Leicester University Press).

    Processing and Publcation of the Eisenberg, Yogev, and Bar Adon excavations at Tel Bet Yerah (with E. Eisenberg) 

Courses taught 1998–2000
    • Ceramic Typology 
    • Theory and Practice of Archaeological Surveys
    • Early and Middle Bronze Age Interaction between Canaan and its Neighbors
    • Ideology in Archaeology
    • Abandonment: Its Cultural Significance and Expression in the Archaeological Record 
    • The Collapse of the Early Bronze Age Urban System
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