Nadav Na'aman

Professor of Jewish History

   BA - Hebrew University
   MA - Hebrew University
   Ph.D. - Tel Aviv University
   Ph.D. Dissertation:The Political Disposition and Historical
     Development of Eretz-Israel according to
     the Amarna Letters

Fields of Research
   Jewish History
   Ancient Near East

Current Projects

Selected Publications


  • Na'aman, N. 1986. Borders and Districts in Biblical Historiography. Jerusalem. 
  • Finkelstein, I. and Na'aman, N. 1994. From Nomadism to Monarchy. Jerusalem.
  • Na'aman, N. 1974. Sennacherib's 'Letter to God' on his campaign to Judah. BASOR 214:25-39.
  • Na'aman, N. 1982. Palestine in the Canaanite Periods: The Middle and Late Bronze Age. In: Eph'al, I. ed. The History of Eretz Israel. Vol. I. Jerusalem. (Hebrew).
  • Na'aman, N. 1991. The Kingdom of Judah under Josia. Tel Aviv 18:3-71.
  • Na'aman, N. 1991. Chronology and History in the Late Assyrian Empire (631-619 BC) ZA 81:243-267.
  • Na'aman, N. 1994. The 'Conquest of Canaan' in the Book of Joshua and in History. In: Finkelstein, I. and Na'aman, N. eds. From Nomadism to Monarchy. Jerusalem: 218-281.
  • Na'aman, N. 1995. The Debated Historiocity of Hezekiah's Reform in the Light of Historical and Archaeological Research. ZAW 107:105-117.
  • Na'aman, N. 1996. The Contribution of the Amarna Letters to the Debate on Jerusalem's Political Position in the Tenth Century B.C.E. BASOR 304:17-27.
  • Na'aman, N. 1997. The Network of Canaanite Late Bronze Kingdoms and the City of Asdod. Ugarit-Forschungen 29:599-626.
  • Na'aman, N. 1997. Prophetic Stories as Sources for the Histories of Jehoshaphat and the Omrides, Biblica 78:153-173.
  • Na'aman, N. 1998. Sargon II the Rebellion of the Cypriote Kings against Shilta of Tyre. Orientalia 67:239-247.
Ph.D. Students

 Ahuvah Ashman, in preparation.
   The Representation of the Stranger in the
   Biblical Historiography of the Monarchial
   Period. (co-supervisor - Prof. Yair Hoffman).
Bath-sheba Berosh, in preparation.
   Images of North Israelite Kings in the Book
   of Kings. (co-supervisor - Prof. Yairah Amit).
Sintia Edenburg, in preparation.
   The Story of "The Outrage of Gibeah" 
   (Judg. 19-21) - Its Composition, Sources and
   Historical Background. (co-supervisor - Prof.
   Yairah Amit).
Norma Franklin, in preparation.
   State Formation in the Northern Kingdom of
   Israel: Some Tangible Symbols of Statehood
   (co-supervisor - Prof. Israel Finkelstein).
Michal Ron, in preparation.
   Deuteronomistic History in the Context of
   King Josiah's Reform; Cultural Product of a
   Nation's Constitution, or: National
   Constitution as a Cultural Product.
   (co-supervisor - Prof. Israel Finkelstein).


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