Ze'ev Meshel

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

   BA - Hebrew University
   MA - Hebrew University
   Ph.D. - Hebrew University
   Ph.D. Dissertation:
     The History of the Negev in the Israelite Period.

Fields of Research
   Fortresses, Roads, Water-supply, and Agriculture in the Desert

Current Projects
   Ancient Water-supply Systems Desert Fortresses

Selected Publications


  • Meshel, Z. Southern Sinai.
  • Meshel, Z. Antiquities of Sinai.
  • Meshel, Z. Survey of Yatir Region.
  • Meshel, Z. The Oasis of Yotvata.
  • Meshel, Z. The Highlands of the Negev.
  • Meshel, Z. The Water-supply System of Susita.


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