Dr. Ran Barkai   03-6409427
Dr. Shlomo Bunimovitz bunimov@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409590
Prof. Israel Finkelstein fink2@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409417
Prof. Avraham Gopher gopher@post.tau.ac.il 03-6407607
Prof. Yuval Goren ygoren@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409664
Dr. Raphael Greenberg grafi@post.tau.ac.il 03-6405470
Prof. Ze'ev Herzog herzog@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409578
Prof. Aharon Horowitz haharon@post.tau.ac.il 03-6406056
Dr. David Ilan davilan@post.tau.ac.il 03-6405470
Dr. Nili Liphschitz 03-6409427
Prof. Nadav Na'aman naaman@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409381
Prof. Benjamin Sass sass@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409417
Prof. Itamar Singer singer@post.tau.ac.il 03-6407236
Dr. Deborah Sweeney deborahs@post.tau.ac.il 03-6405470
Prof. David Ussishkin ussishki@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409589
Dr. Raphael Ventura herihor@post.tau.ac.il 03-6408482
Prof. Jak Yakar yakar@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409590
Ran Zadok 03-6409953
Faculty Emeriti    
Prof. Itzhaq Beit-Arieh betarieh@post.tau.ac.il 03-6406055
Prof. Ram Gophna gophna@post.tau.ac.il 03-6406056
Prof. Moshe Kochavi mkochavi@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409591
Dr. Ze'ev Meshel 03-6409417
Prof. Ora Negbi onegbi@post.tau.ac.il 03-6409578
Prof. Anson Rainey rainey@post.tau.ac.il 03-6407236
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Prof. Yohanan Aharoni    
Prof. Aharon Kempinsky    
Prof. Pirhiya Beck    
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