Yuval Goren

Associate Professor in Archaeology

BA - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 1985
MA - Hebrew University, 1987 Ph.D. - Hebrew University, 1991
Ph.D. Dissertation: Petrography and Typology of Pottery Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Pottery Assemblages from Israel

Fields of Research
Ceramic Petrology and Micromorphology
Current Projects

·        Provenance study of ancient Near Eastern cuneiform texts using mineralogical and chemical methods.

·        The relations between Canaan and Egypt in the EB-LB through provenance studies of ceramics

·        Chalcolithic mortuary practices in southern Israel

·        Technological and social aspects of Neolithic complex technologies

·        Mineralogical and Chemical Study of the Amarna Tablets

Selected Publications


·        Goren, Y. and Fabian, P. In Press. A Chalcolithic Mortuary Site at Kissufim Road, Israel. (Israel Antiquities Authority Reports Monograph Series). Jerusalem.

·        Goren, Y., Finkelstein, N. and Na’aman, N. In press. Inscribed in Clay, Provenance Study of the Amarna Letters and Other Ancient Near Eastern Texts. Tel-Aviv.

Selected articles

        ·          Y. Goren, Goring-Morris, A.N. and Segal, I. 2001. The technology of skull modeling in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB): Regional variability, the relation of technology and iconography and their archaeological implications. Journal of Archaeological Science 28: 671-690.

        ·          Goren, Y. 2000. Provenance study of the cuneiform texts from Hazor. Israel Exploration Journal 50: 29-42.

        ·          Goren, Y. 1999. On determining use of pastoral cave sites: A critical assessment of spherulites in archaeology. Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 29:123-128.

        ·          Goren, Y. 1996. The Southern Levant during the Early Bronze Age IV: The Petrographic Perspective BASOR 303.

        ·          Goren, Y. 1995. Shrines and Ceramics in Chalcolithic Israel: The view throughout the Petrographic Microscope Archaeometry 37:287-305.

        ·          Goren, Y. and Segal, I. 1995. On Early Myths and Formative Technologies: A Study of PPNB Sculptures and Modeled Skulls from Jericho Israel Journal of Chemistry 35:155-165.

Ph.D. Students
Anat Cohen-Weinberger.
Petrography of Pottery of the Middle Bronze Age II: Contribution to the Interpretation of the Contacts Between Egypt and Canaan.

MA Students
Amir Gorzelzani.
Provenance of Persian Period Pottery from Tel Michal and Related Sites.
Eyal Bozaglo.
The Petrography of the Iron Age II Pottery Assemblage from Megiddo and related sites.

Devora Namdar

Chalcolithic metallurgy with regard to the copper assemblage from the site of Giv’at Oranim.

Assaf Nativ