Ram Gophna

Professor Emeritus of Archaeology

   BA - Hebrew University, 1954
   MA - Hebrew University, 1964
   Ph.D. - Tel Aviv University, 1974
   Ph.D. Dissertation:
      The Settlement of the Coastal Plain of
     Eretz-Israel during the Early Bronze Age.

Fields of Research
    Settlement Archeaology of Israel during the
   Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze-Intermediate
   Bronze Ages

Current Projects
   Settlement, Urbanization and Social Change
   Processes During the Chal colithic and the
   Early Bronze Age in the Central Coastal
   Plain of Israel

Selected Publications


  • Gophna, R. 1995. Excavations at 'En Besor. Tel Aviv.
  • Gophna, R. 1996. Excavations at Tel Dalit. Tel Aviv.
  • Gophna, R. a nd Beit-Arieh, I. 1997. Map of Lod (80). Jerusalem.
  • Gophna, R. and Ayalon, E. 19 98. Map of Herzliya (69). Jerusalem.
  • Gophna, R. 1984. The Settlement Landscape of Palestine during the Early Bronze II-III and Middle Bronze II. IEJ 34:24-31.
  • Gophna, R. and Portugali, Y. 1988. Settlement an d Demographic Processes in Israel's Coastal Plain from the Chalcolithic to the Middle Bronz e Age. BASOR 269:3-36.
  • Gophna, R., Liphschitz, N. and Lev-Yadin, S. 1986-7. Man's Impact on the Natural Vegetation of the Coastal Plain of Israel during the Chalcolithic Period and the Bronze Age. Tel Aviv 13:71-84.
  • Gophna, R. 1992. The Intermediate Bronze Age. In: Ben-Tor, A. ed. The Archaeology of Ancient Israel. Tel Aviv:12 6-158.
  • Gophna, R. 1995. Early Bronze Age Cannan: Some Spatial and Demogra phic Observations. In: Levy, T. ed. The Archaeology of Society in the Holy Land . London:269-280.
Ph.D. Students
Martin Peilstocker. 1993-ongoing.
   The Plain of Akko During the Bronze Age .
Yanir Isaac Milevski. 1998-ongoing.
   Local Trade and Exchange in Early Bronze
   Age Canaan.
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