Avi Gopher


Associate Professor of Archaeology
Head of Department

   BA - Hebrew University, 1978 MA - Hebrew University, 1981
   Ph.D. - Hebrew University, 1986
   Ph.D. Dissertation:
    Flint Tool Industries of the Neolithic Period

     in Israel.

Archaeological Field Work
1977-80 South Sinai Project: Eight seasons excavations six PPNB sites; as student, field assistant, and co-director; with Prof. Ofer Bar-Yosef
1979 Qadesh Barnea 3: a Pottery Neolithic Site in the Negev Highlands; director.
1980-81 Negev Highlands Project: Two seasons of excavations of Natufian, Harifian and Neolithic sites in the Negev; co-director with Dr. A. Nigel Goring-Morris.
1982 Ain Qadeis: One season of excavation of a PPNB site in Sinai; co-director with Dr. S.A. Rosen and Dr. A. Nigel Goring-Morris.
1980-86 Netiv Hagdud: Four seasons of excavations at a PPNA site in the Lower Jordan Valley; co-director with Prof. O. Bar-Yosef.
1985 Mujahia: One season of excavation at an early PPNB site in the Golan Heights; director.
1985-89 Upper Galilee Project: Four seasons of excavation at Horvat Galil and Nahal Betzet I, two Neolithic sites in the Galilee; director.
1986-91 The Nahal Qanah cave: Four seasons of excavations at a Pottery Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Early Bronze age cave site in Samaria; co-director with T. Tsuk.
1988-90 Neolithic sites at Palmachim: Survey and excavations at Neolithic sites on the Coastal Plain; director.
1991-93 Nahal Poleg 18N: Excavation of a Neolithic site on the Coastal Plain; director.
1992 Newe Yerek (Lod): Excavation of a Pottery Neolithic site in the Shephela region; director.
1987-96 Nahal Zehora II: Excavations in a Wadi Raba, Lodian, and Yarmukian site in the Menashe Hills; director.



Current Projects 1997 -

  • Nahal Zehora - Pottery Neolithic Village Sites in Central Israel
  • Nahal Hadera V - Epipaleolithic Kebaran Site on the Mediterranean Coastal Plain
  • Survey of the Upper Galilee
Selected Publications


  • Gopher, A. 1989. The Flint assemblages of Munhata - Final Report. (Les Cahiers du Centre de Recherche Francais de Jerusalem 4). Paris.
  • Gopher, A. 1994. Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant - A Seriation Analysis. (ASOR Dissertation Series 10). Winnona Lake.
  • Gopher, A. and Orrelle, E. 1995. The Groundstone Assemblages of Munhata, A Neolithic Site in the Jordan Valley, Israel: A Report. (Les Cahiers des Missions Archeologiques Francaises en Israel 7). Paris. 
  • Gopher, A. and Tsuk, T. 1996. The Nahal Qana Cave, Earliest Gold in the Southern Levant. (Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University 12). Tel Aviv.
  • Bar-Yosef, O. and Gopher, A. 1997. An Early Neolithic Village in the Jordan Valley. Part I: The Archaeology of Netiv Hagdud. (American School of Prehistoric Research Bulletin 46). Cambridge, MA.
  • Gopher, A. and Gophna, R. 1993. Cultures of the Eighth and Seventh Millennia BP in the Southern Levant: A Review for the 1990s. Journal of World Prehistory 7(3):297-353. 
  • Gopher, A. and Orrelle, E. 1996. An Alternative Interpretation for Material Imagery of the Yarmukian, a Neolithic Culture of the Sixth Millennium B.C. in the Southern Levant. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 6(2):255-279. 
  • Gopher, A. 1997. Horvat Galil: An Early PPNB Site in the Upper Galilee, Israel. Tel Aviv 24:183-222.

Ph.D. Students
1994/5 - ongoing. Estelle Orrelle.
   The Emergence of Social Complexity in
   the Southern Levant: 5500 - 3000 B.C.
1995/1996 - ongoing. Ehud Galili.
   Submerged Prehistoric Settlements from
   the 6th and 5th Millenia B.C. in the Northern
   carmel coast.
1996/7 - ongoing. Ran Barkai.
   Bifacial Tools in Natufian to Chalcolithic
   Industries of the Levant.


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