Itzhaq Beit-Arieh 

Associate Professor of Archaeology

   BA - Tel Aviv University, 1967
   MA - Tel Aviv University, 1970
   Ph.D. - Tel Aviv University, 1977
   Ph.D. Dissertation:
     South Sinai in the Early Bronze Age.

Fields of Research
   The Archaeology of Southern Sinai
   The Archaeology of the Eastern Negev
   in the Iron Age

Current Projects
   Regional Study of the Eastern Negev 

Selected Publications


  • Beit-Arieh, I. 1980. A Chalcolithic Site Near Serabit el-Khadem. Tel Aviv 7:45-64.
  • Beit-Arieh, I. 1981. An Early Bronze Age II Site Near Sheikh 'Awad in Southern Sinai. Tel Aviv 8:95-127.
  • Beit-Arieh, I. 1991. A Pattern of Settlement in Southern Sinai and Southern Canan in the Third Millennium BC. BASOR 243:31-55.
  • Beit-Arieh, I. 1985. Serabit el-Khadim: New Metallurgical and Chronological Aspects. Levant 17:89-116.
  • Beit-Arieh, I. 1993. A Literary Ostracon from Horvat 'Uza. Tel Aviv 20:55-63.


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