Plant Roots: The Hidden Half

Yoav Waisel, Amram Eshel, and Uzi Kafkafi (editors),
Marcel Dekker Inc., New-York (1991)

ISBN 0-8247-8393-X

Table of Contents

I. The Root System: Structure and Development

  1. Characteristics and Function of Root Systems. A.H. Fitter
  2. Genetic Control of Root Systems. Richard.W. Zobel
  3. Multiform behavior of Various Constituents of One Root System. Yoav Waisel and Amram Eshel
  4. The Root Cap: Structure and Function. Andreas Sievers and W. Hensel
  5. The Root Apical Meristem and Its Margins. Ronald D. MacLeod
  6. Lateral Root Initiation. W.A. Charlton
  7. Root Hairs Rose-Marie Hofer

    II. Growth and Metabolism

  8. Synthesis of Plant Growth Regulatots by Roots. Chanan Itai and Helen Birnbaum
  9. Root Growth and Gravireaction: Implications of Hormones and Other Regulators Paul-Emil Pilet
  10. Calcium and Root Development: Importance of Calcium in Signal Transduction. B.W. Poovaiah and A.S.N. Reddy
  11. Respiratory Patterns in Roots in Relation to Their Functioning. Hans Lambers, Adrie van der Werf, and Henk Konings
  12. Root-Shoot Relationships. Betty Klepper
  13. Tree Roots Turnover and Senescence. Kristiina A. Vogt and Janine Bloomfield,

    III. Growth Under Stress

  14. Soil temperature, Root Growth, and Plant Function. Glynn D. Bowen
  15. Growth Under Oxygen Stress. Malcolm C. Drew and Lewis H. Stolzy
  16. Growth Under Stress: Heavy Metals. S.-W. Breckle
  17. Root Growth Under Stress: Salinity. Uzi Kafkafi
  18. Growth and Mechanical Impedance. Alan T.P. Bennie

    IV. Ion and Water Transport

  19. Root Structure and Sites of Ion Uptake. David T. Clarckson
  20. Dynamics of Nutrient Movement at the Soil-Root Interface. Albrecht O. Jungk
  21. Uptake Mechanisms. Per Nissen
  22. Root-Induced Changes in the Availability of Micronutrients in the Rhizosphere. Horst Marschner
  23. Root Excretions and their Environmental Effects: Influence on Availability of Phosphorus. B. Bar-Yosef
  24. Transport of Water in the Rhizosphere and in Roots. J.J. Oertli
  25. Root Pressure. Vladimir Zholkevitch
  26. Dynamics of Water Permeability. Samuel Moreshet and Morris G. Huck
  27. Carbon Upatke by Roots. Andrew M. Farmer

    V. The Rhizosphere

  28. The Rhizophere: The Hidden Half of the Hidden Half. Glynn D. Bowen and Albert D. Rovira
  29. Root-Bacteria Interactions: Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation. Carroll P. Vance
  30. Nonsymbiotic Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms. Yoram Kapulnik
  31. Plant-Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria. Yoram Kapulnik
  32. Mycorrhizae. hugh E. Wilcox
  33. Mycorrhizae in Agricultural Crops. James Krikun

    VI. Root Pests

  34. Root-Nematode Interactions. Eli Cohen and Yitzhak Spiegel
  35. Arthropod Root Pests. Uri Gerson
  36. Interactions of Roots With Soil-Borne Pathogens. J. Katan

    VII. Roots of Various Ecological Groups

  37. Ecophysiology of Roots of Desert Plants, with Special Emphasis on Agaves and Cactai. Park S. Nobel
  38. Aerial Roots and Their Environment. David H. Benzing
  39. Ecophysiology of Roots of Submerged Aquatic Plants. Yoav Waisel and Moshe Agami

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