Open Probe Fast GC-MS

Real Time Analysis with Separation and Library Identification

Aviv Amirav, Alexander Gordin, Uri Keshet, Alexander B. Fialkov and Tal Alon. (July 2015)

Open Probe Fast GC-MS

The Open Probe Fast GC-MS Mounted on an Agilent 5977 GC-MS

This technology provides a unique combination of our novel Open Probe inlet (US Patent 7,928,370) with our advanced low thermal mass (LTM) ultra-fast gas chromatograph (US Patent 8,591,630) and a mass spectrometer of GC-MS, forming a new method and device for obtaining real time analysis with separation.

The Open Probe operation is based on a vaporization oven that is open to room air while having helium purged flow protection to eliminate air leakage into the oven and MS ion source. Sample introduction into the Open Probe is as simple as: touch the sample, introduce the sample holder into the open probe oven for its thermal vaporization and have the results in 20-30 s.

The Open Probe is mounted onto the LTM Fast GC that is coupled either with the 5977-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI, or with a standard Agilent 5975 or 5977 MSD for obtaining in-vacuum electron ionization followed by quadrupole based mass analysis.

Unlike DART, DESI, ASAP, DSA and/or any other related ambient ionization techniques and MS probes, Open Probe Fast GC-MS provides real time analysis in combination with GC separation, library identification, absence of ion suppression effects and uniform electron ionization response for improved quantitation. Furthermore, it requires the simple and low cost mass spectrometer of GC-MS and it is the fastest and easiest to use real time and MS Probe technique.

A schematic diagram of Open Probe Fast GC-MS with its indicated main components and a photo of sample introduction with it

Fast Cannabis analysis with 30 seconds chromatography, 55 seconds full analysis cycle time and no sample preparation, just touch the flower by a melting point vial, insert the vial into the Open Probe and push the start button. This way one uniquely obtains real time analysis with separation and library identification at the isomer level with name and structure.

Major Advantages

Further Information

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Please consult with me about the availability of the Open Probe Fast GC-MS and about its suitability for your application.