Fast GC

Fastest Fast GC Analysis Cycle Time with Standard Fused Silica Columns.

Aviv Amirav, Alexander B. Fialkov, Mati Morag and Tal Alon. (July 2015)

The Novel Fast GC Concept

The Fast GC Mounted on an Agilent 5975 GC-MS

Our low thermal mass (LTM) ultra-fast gas chromatograph (US Patent 8,591,630) is a new technology and device. The fast GC utilizes a short standard fused silica capillary column that is inserted into a resistively heated stainless steel tube that serves as its heating oven. The Fast GC is located and mounted outside the standard GC oven on its available top detector port, while the capillary column is connected as usual to the standard GC injector and detector. This new type of fast GC enables less than one minute full range temperature programming and cooling down analysis cycle time.

The use of resistively heated tubing enables the use of any available fused silica column without restriction on the internal diameter, (from 0.1 mm to 0.53 mm), separation film type and thickness as well as their supplier vendor. Four active column lengths can be used (1.8, 3.6, 5.4 and 7.2 m) and column trimming or replacement is easy. Since the column is cut from a standard available fused silica column its price is far lower than that of any other fast GC column so you can comfortably experimentally optimize the fast GC for its operation with the most suitable column for your needs. The Fast GC can be used with any GC injector or detector including FID, TCD, NPD, ECD, FPD, PFPD and MS.

Schematic diagram of the Fast GC (left) and Fast GC test mixture analysis of the indicated four compounds (right) with under one minute full analysis cycle time

Major Advantages

Further Information and Reading

Please read the paper of Alexander B. Fialkov, Mati Morag and Aviv Amirav "A Low Thermal Mass Fast GC and its Implementation in Fast GC-MS with Supersonic  Molecular Beams" J. Chromtogr. A 1218, 9375-9383 (2011).

I shall be happy to Email this paper upon request as a pdf file and answer any question about our fast GC, its availability and its suitability to your requirements.