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George Atkinson


The laboratory in Electrochemistry is offered to third-year undergraduate and graduate students of the Chemistry department.

It is located in room 108 of the Orenstein Chemistry building.

The laboratory course consists of experiments in physical and analytical electrochemistry.

The laboratory course is preceded by a lecture course of Electrochemistry, in which the students learn the theory of physical electrochemistry and of advanced electroanalytical methods.


Course No. 0351-3815 Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry


* Course No. 0351-3817 Laboratory in Electrochemistry


The experiments in the laboratory include two parts:

1)                   Experiments in Electroanalytical Chemistry - the basic techniques of the instrumental electroanalysis;

2)                   Methods in Advanced Electrochemistry.


The Laboratory Manual, presented in this Web page, includes Experiments in Electroanalytical Chemistry, which have been selected to demonstrate the principles of the instrumental methods and to provide the students with a basis for the further application of these methods to different types of chemical problems.

The experiments in Advanced Electrochemistry are taken from the book of E. Gileadi, E. Kirowa-Eisner and J. Penciner Interfacial Electrochemistry, Addison-Wesley, 1975.



LABORATORY MANUAL - Experiments in Electroanalytical Chemistry

PHYSICAL AND ANALYTICAL ELECTROCHEMISTRY the content of the lecture course




The laboratory staff


Prof. Emilia Eisner

Prof. Vladimir Tzionsky

Teaching assistants:


Technical assistant:

Dora Tzur


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