Prof. Rakefet Sela-Sheffy

Prof. Itamar Even-Zohar

Prof. Gadi Algazi

Prof. Arie Altman

Dr. Dalit Bloch-Zemach

Dr. Taghreed Yahya-Younis

Dr. Rotem Leshem

Dr. Sarit Paz

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The late Professor Rina Drory

The late Professor Gideon Toury


Rakefet Sela-Sheffy, PhD – Chairperson

Associate professor for Semiotics and Culture Research. Chairperson of Unit.

Main fields: Culture change and culture conservation; Identity struggles; The presentation of self and construction of symbolic capital; Everyday talk; Professional identity and status; Cultural models and models of emotions; Popular and elite culture; Canon and canonization; Theory and methodology of culture research; Israeli and pre-Israeli Hebrew culture.

Specific research topics: Negotiations of Israeli representations in everyday discourse; Identity strategies of marginal occupations (translators as a case in point); Emotion scripts in interaction (anger as a case in point); Grassroots environmentalism and regional history (Western Galilee in early Israeli Statehood period); Distinction and integration relationships between high-status immigrants and local elite (German-Jewish immigrants in British-ruled Palestine).

Earlier research: Repertoire construction and canon formation in late 18th century German literature and culture; Repertoire change and canon formation of the popular song in America and Israel during the 1970s.








Itamar Even-Zohar, PhD



Full professor 1977-2007. Since 2007 – Emeritus professor. Served as chairperson of the Unit between 1996 and 2007. Currently functions as Studies Consultant and Webmaster.

Main fields: Theory and methodology of culture research, dynamics of heterogeneous systems, the making and maintenance of large entities, idea-makers and culture entrepreneurs, culture planning, globalization and intercultural relations, interaction.

Specific fields: Hebrew culture, Italy, Spanish Galicia, Iceland, Quebec, Catalonia, Newfoundland, Chapters in Mediaeval European and Mediterranean culture.






Gadi Algazi, PhD



Full professor. (Department of History)





Arie Altman, PhD



Full professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Founder, The Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture 1999-2005, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment). Past President (1994-1998) International Association of Plant Biotechnology.

Main fields: Plant and agricultural biotechnology, Biology and molecular biology of plants, Plant tissue culture, historical and cultural aspects of agriculture.

Specific fields: Plant tolerance to abiotic stress (drought, salinity and extreme  temperatures)





Taghreed Yahya-Younis, PhD



Teaches at the Women & Gender Studies and at the Unit of Culture Research, Tel Aviv University. Has been post-doctoral fellow at LSE and SOAS.

Main fields: Sociology of the stranger, dynamics of belonging and alienation, Gender and Gender identities, electoral politics, space and Gender.

Specific fields: Israeli society, Arab-Palestinian society in Israel.




Dr. Rotem Leshem, M.A.




Instructor at the Unit of Culture Research

Main fields: Theory and methodology of culture research, Emotion research, Social interaction, Qualitative research.

Specific fields: Socio-cultural emotion research, Israeli identity, Inter-generational relations, Narrative analysis, Discourse and conversation analysis.



Visiting scholar website, Freie Universität Berlin




Sarit Paz, PhD



Archaeologist. Adjunct lecturer in the Unit of Culture Research at TAU since 2014, and in the Department of Archaeology at the Hebrew University between 20122016. Post-doctoral fellow in the Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Hebrew University )20112015), and a Golda Meir Fellow at the Hebrew University (20152016). Co-director of the Tel Bet Yerah Research and Excavation Project (TBYREP), and director of the Kvatskhelebi (Georgia) Research and Publication Project.

Main fields: Archaeology of the Southern Levant in the Bronze and Iron Ages; Urbanization and urbanism; Migration and diaspora; Household archaeology; Gender archaeology; Archaeological method and theory; Intercultural relations; Material culture; Cultural heritage.

Specific research interests: The Early Bronze Age in the Levant and the South Caucasus; Early urbanization; Urban habitus; Early Transcaucasian (Kura-Araxes) culture as a case-study for migration and diaspora; Intercultural relations and boundaries in migrants societies;  Early Bronze Age houses and households in Israel and in the South Caucasus.






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