Announcement of Laureates 2012

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences,
awarded at Tel Aviv University, was established through the generosity
of Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Beverly Sackler.

This year's prize is being awarded for observational or theoretical achievements in the study of extra-solar planets.

Tel Aviv University is proud to announce that the 2012 Sackler Prize laureates are:

David Charbonneau
Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University
Department of Astronomy
60 Garden St.
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

For his breakthrough discoveries, including the first detections of transiting extra-solar planets and spectroscopic observations of their atmospheres.

Sara Seager
Class of 1941 Professor of Planetary Science and Physics
Department of Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. 54-1718
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

For her brilliant theoretical studies, including analysis of the atmospheres and internal compositions of extra-solar planets.

The Sackler Prize of $100,000 will be shared equally between the two distinguished recipients. The prize will be awarded to the recipients, in person on June 12, 2012 during the Tel Aviv University Board of Governors week. Tel Aviv University is honored to administer the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences awarded to young researchers for originality, excellence, and dedication to science.

Prize Selection Committee: Debra Fischer (Yale); Matthew Holman (Harvard-Smithsonian);
Michel Mayor (Geneva); Tsevi Mazeh (TAU); Amiel Sternberg (chair, TAU).

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