Welcome to TRIREME!

TRIREME, the ancient Greek ship, is a symbol of cooperation and joining forces. It is also the acronym for Tackling the Response to Ionizing Radiation by Extensive Multilevel Exploration. TRIREME is a research project supported by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Community. It is a joint effort of 6 research groups in Europe and Israel that have teamed up to obtain a comprehensive view of the cellular response to ionizing radiation (IR). IR damages all cellular constituents, but perhaps the most critical damage is induced in the cellular genome – the DNA molecule. Among the DNA lesions caused by IR, the most cytotoxic is the double strand break (DSB). Cells respond to such critical damage by activating DNA repair mechanisms together with a vast and complex network of signaling pathways that temporarily arrest the cell cycle and alter the cell's physiological state while the damage is being repaired. The complexity of this network, which appears to touch almost every aspect of cellular metabolism, calls for a systems biology approach. The TRIREME consortium is using systems biology tools to get a close look at the different components of this network, with each lab focusing on a different layer of the network.