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The primary rationale for establishing the Zoological Garden was for instruction of students on the fauna of Israel, and this tradition is still preserved today.

Various groups participate in courses at the Zoological Garden: Tel Aviv University students, whose studies at the zoo constitute an integral part of their overall instruction in zoology; students from other universities and from the various colleges and teachers' seminaries; instructors from the Society for the Protection of Nature; and wardens from the Nature Reserves Authority.

The Zoological Gardens also offers educational activities run by Nature Campus. These activities present the world of scientific research in the fields of nature and the environment, to youth, teachers, people working in environmental organizations, and the public at large. The school activities are aimed at pupils from 1st to 12th grade. The pupils are given guided tours of about 90 minutes covering a variety of subjects, chosen in accordance with the school curriculum for the different age groups. They learn about the different divisions in the animal kingdom, adaptation of animals to their environment, animal communication, reproduction and care of offspring, animal behavior, and other relevant subjects. During the tour the pupils take part in various activities. The instructors on these tours are MSc and PhD students at the Zoology Department. Additional information on Nature Campus and its educational activities at the zoological gardens can be found at its website: