Amram Eshel's

curriculum vitae

Date of Birth : April 5th, 1944, Rehovot, Israel.
Marital Status : Married happily to Nira since 1965, 3 children, 6 grandchildren so far: Mia Balaban born December 1996, Orly Shauly born Nov. 16th 1999, Doron Shauly born April 16th 2002, Nimrod Balaban born April 11th 2003, Inbal Shauly born August 10th 2005, Ari Eshel born April 12 2018


1979 Tel Aviv University, Botany Ph.D.
Title of Doctoral Dissertation: Studies of Mineral Relations of Plants by the Electron Probe
Name of Supervisor: Prof. Yoav Waisel

1971 Tel Aviv University, Botany M.Sc. Cum laude
Title of Master's Thesis: Differences in Sodium Uptake Along the Primary Root of Corn Seedlings
Name of Supervisor: Prof. Yoav Waisel

1969 Tel Aviv University, Biology B.Sc.


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