Professor Emeritus, Lev Fishelson
Ph.D.: Jerusalem-Hebrew University, University of Tuebingen, Germany, 1966

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Personal Information


  1959    M.Sc. Tel Aviv University
  1966    Ph.D. Jerusalem-Hebrew University, University of Tuebingen, Germany

  Title of Master's Thesis: "Acridoidea of Israel, taxonomy and biogeography"
  Name of supervisor: Prof. H. Bytinski

  Title of Doctoral dissertation: "Comparative embryology and development of fishes of the genus Tilapia (Cichlidae)"
  Names of supervisors: Profs. H. Steinitz and H.M. Peters


Academic and professional experience

Period (dates)
Name of Institution (city and country)
Rank / Function
1950 - 1953 Biology College, Tel-Aviv Zoology Assistant
1953 - 1963 University College, Tel –Aviv Zoology Senior Asistant
1963 University of Tubingen, Germany Zoology Visiting Scientist
1967 - 1971 Tel Aviv University Zoology Senior Lecturer
1970 Woods Hole Mar. Biol. Lab., USA Ecology Lecturer
1971 Tel Aviv University Zoology Associate Professor
1975 - present Tel Aviv University zoology Full Professor
1980 Miami University, USA Ichthyology Visiting scientist
1982 San Diego State University Biology Visiting Professor
1982 Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa Zoology Visiting Professor
1984 Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa Zoology Visiting Professor
1987 University of Hawaii, USA Marine Biology Visiting Professor
1988 University of Tubingen, Germany Zoology Visiting Professor
1991 Steinhard Museum, San Francisco, USA Ichthyology Visiting scientist
1991 Smithsonian Institute, Washington, USA Ichthyology Visiting scientist
1993 University of Hohenheim, Germany Ichthyology Visiting Researcher
1998 University of Hohenheim, Germany Ichthyology Visiting Researcher
2000 University of Hohenheim, Germany Ichthyology Visiting Researcher

Abu defduf









In 1951 the first field study station was established by us on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba , investigating the coral reefs and the rich fauna around them. Even then the idea of expeditions to more distant lands was in the air, both to enrich our knowledge and, if possible, to make collections of various animals.

1956. The first expedition was to Southern Sinai , as during the Sinai Campaign the Israeli Army had conquered the Sinai Peninsula . A group of us was invited and hosted by the Israeli Army at Sharem el Sheik. For us, the marine biologists (Fishelson and Steinitz with assistants) it was our first encounter with the enormous areas of live and fossil coral reefs, and the rich littoral fauna of the sandy, mangrove growths.


1958. Expedition to East Africa , focusing on Ethiopia and Eritrea . Under the leadership of H. Mendelssohn (ornithology, general zoology), and with the participation of G. Theodor (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, parasitic insects), Y. Hoffian (herpetology) A. Kofish (botany); A. Zahavi (ornithology, mammals); myself (general zoology, orthoptera) and assistants, we traveled by boat to Djibouti, and from there by train to Diredawa in Ethiopia. From there we crossed the plains and mountains of Ethiopia by jeep, ending our journey in harbor of Massawa ( Red Sea ).


The enormously rich terrestrial fauna of East Africa was revealed to us, especially the unique colobus monkey and the numerous and colorful bird species.

1962 . March. The first Israeli South Red Sea Expedition to the Dahlak Archipelago, a large group of limestone islands offshore Eritrea , rich in coral and mangrove habitats. The expedition included scientists from Israel , USA , Jamaica , and the Netherlands ,

and the site elected for camping was Entedebir Island . With the help of the Ethiopian navy the scientists in the group were able to visit and study various sites and marine habitats, as well as collect numerous samples of fish, corals, crustaceans, sponges and algae.

1965. October. The second Israeli South Red Sea Expedition (under H. Lewinson’s and my leadership), also included scientists from other countries; and like the first one focused on the Dahlak group of islands. Our camp site was Musseri Island , the only one with three species of mangrove, Avicenia, Rhizophora and Ceriops.

This visit to the site greatly broadened our studies of the intertidal, especially the overhanging, mushroom-like rocky surfaces and sandy habitats, and expanded our observations and collections. The breeding colonies of the marine birds provided fascinating observations and opportunities to film.

1967. The second expedition around the Sinai Peninsula took place following the occupation of this area by Israel after the Six Day War. The boat used for the trip was an Egyptian stern-trawler, captured by the Israeli navy. We traveled along the Gulf of Aqaba and partly the southern part of the Gulf of Suez , collecting organisms by beam-trawl and diving.

1968. This expedition along the Gulf of Aqaba was financed by the Government of Israel, with two main focal points: to mark the route for a possible road from Eilat to Sharem el Sheik in the southern corner of the peninsula, with minimal harm to the coral reefs; and to establish the limits of the projected Nature Reserves of the coral world along the shores. To fulfill this task the study group included marine biologists, engineers, architects, and a translator to interact with the Bedouins. The expedition was provided with a large military landing craft, together with two command cars for land transport. The road to Sharem and the established marine reserves were delineated, and they continue to function today.

Full description of the expeditions


1974 - 1979 Expeditions around Sinai Peninsula
1978 - 1979 Around the tropics-coral reef fishes



1962 - 1963 Alexander von Humboldt Stifftung Grant for studies in Germany
1962 - 1968 Office of Naval Research (USA) Grant for studies in the Red Sea
1969 - 1972 Smithsonian Grant for studies in the Red Sea (with L. Slobodkin)
1976 - 1982 Tobias Landau Grant for marine studies
1982 - 1986 BSF, Israel - USA for studies on Red Sea fishes (with L. Montgomery and A.Myrberg)
1988 - 1989 Hertz Grants for fish culture studies
1988 - 1989 Ecology Fund of Israel on stress phenomena in marine littoral organisms
1989 - 1992 MED-POLL. Littoral marine molluscs as bio-indicators of pollution
1991 - 1994 Ashdod Regional Environmental Quality Board - Environmental health profile in Ashdod region
1991 - 1995 Ministry of Absorption - Xenobiotics in the environment (with Prof. V. Bresler)
1992 - 1995 MED-POLL. Grant for study in the Mediterranean Sea
1992 - 1994 Tobias Landau Grant for study in the Red Sea
1993 - 1994 Tobias Landau Grant for study in the Red Sea
1994 Alexander von Humboldt Grant for studies in Germany
1995 - 1998 German - Israeli Grant for Studies in Marine Pollution
1999 - 2001 German - Israeli Grant for Studies in Marine Pollution
1997 - 2002 Tobias Landau Grant for Studies in the Red Sea



1987 Plaque of Distinction, Minister of Environment
1989 Honorary Doctorate at RAU-Johannesburg, S. Africa
1993 Silver Medal, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
1995 - 1999 Honorary Fellow of Interuniversity Institute in Eilat
1997 Honorary Fellow, Israel Ecological Society
1998 Honorary Fellow, Israel Zoological Society
1997 - Member of the Academy of Science, Erfort, Germany.


Positions held

1958 - 1960 Secretary , Israel Zoological Society.
1963 - 1968 Chair, Scientific Committee , Israel  Agency for Nature Protection.
1970 - 1980 Member, Board of the Nature Protection Society.
1975 - 1978 Secretary , Israel Ecological Society.
1974 Founder Member, Earth and Nature , Israel NGO Umbrella Organization.

Membership in professional societies

1977 - Intecol - International Ecological Society
1970 - American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
1975 - Israel Ecological Society
1953 - Israel Zoological Society
1978 - 1985 Honorary Patron - British Association of Marine Aquarists
1982 - European Union of Ichthyologists
1984 - 2000 Japanese Ichthyology Society
1968 - 1980 European Ethological Society
1994 - American Association of Anatomists.


Pioneering Studies

1960 - 1965 Evidence of use by grasshoppers of plant toxic cardenolids for active self protection, (together with M. Rothschild and the Nobel Prize winner, T. Reichstein).
1959 - 1965 Hybridization as a mean to produce all-male offspring of tilapias for aquaculture.
1962 - 1970 Desert fish-farming of euryhaline fish in brackish waters (with Y. Loya and Y. Pruginin)
1970 - 1986   Social control of sex change in coral reef fishes (with D. Popper and N. Gunderman)

Selected Publications



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Articles published since 1995

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Students and Lab Members

Doctoral Students

Name of Student
Title of Thesis
1971 - 1975 Goren, Menachem Comparative investigation on the dynamics and species diversity of the benthic communities on artificial substrates in the Red Sea (Eilat) and in the Mediterranean Sea (Ashdod)
1975 - 1979 Rutman, Joheved The reproductive activity of the feather-stars Lamprometra klunzingeri (Hartlaub) and Heterometra savignii (J. Muller) from the Gulf of Eilat (Red Sea).
1978 - 1980 Livshitz, Gregory Factors stabilizing and differentiating the genetic structure of an isolated population of the mollusc Brephulopsis bidens (Pulmonata, Euidae).
1979 - 1985 Shpigel, Muki Ecology and behaviour of the groupers (Cephalopholis: Serranidae) in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea.
1980 - 1985 Dotan, Aharon Aspects of the biology and ecology of sea-urchins of the northern Red Sea, with emphasis on Heterocentrotus mammilatus.
1986 - 1990 Ariel Cushner Ichthyoplankton of the Gulf of Aqaba - biodynamics and seasonal fluctuations.
1987 - Hilzerman, Francesco The ethology and social and reproductive cycles in Sarotherodon galilaeus (Cichlidae, Teleostei).

Masters Students

Prof. Yossi Loya
Dr. Yoheved Rutman (deceased)
Dr. Menachem Goren
Dr. Shmuel Moran (Senior Scientist)
Prof. Ehud Spanier
Uri Eyal (farmer)
Dr. Dan Popper (deceased)
Dr. Nurit Gunderman
Dr. Ariel Kushnir
Dr. Aharon Dotan
Dr. Yaakov Dafni
Dr. Muki Shpigel (Senior Scientist)
Dr. Itai Plaot (Lecturer)


Courses given

Invertebrate Zoology (for freshmen and advanced students)
Ecology and Man
Ichthyology (for advanced students)
Marine Biology (for advanced students)
Environmental Quality (for advanced students, with members of the Institute for Nature Protection)


My Theme

Animals named in honor

Epulopiscium fishelsoni Montgomery and Pollak, 1989

Anthellia fishelsoni Verseveldt, 1969
Sinularia fishelsoni Verseveldt, 1970

Loxosoma fishelsoni Babin, 1970

Acemyia fishelsoni Kugler, 1968
Cosmina fishelsoni Rogners 2002

Lichomolgus fishelsoni Stock, 1966
Neomysis laevi Bacescu, 1983
Nannostacus fishelsoni Bacescu, 1980
Cirolana fishelsoni Jones, 1978

Liparis fishelsoni Smith, 1968
Bathygobius fishelsoni Goren, 1978
Trimma fishelsoni Goren, 1985

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