Prof. (Emeritus) Yehuda Ben-Shaul

Research Interests

  • Cell contacts, cell-cell interactions, recognition and adhesion molecules and their signaling
  • Intercellular junctions in differentiating cells
  • Neurogenesis and the biopterin pathways in embryonic cells

Selected Publications

1. Cohen. E., I. Ophir and Y. Ben-Shaul. Induced differentiation
in HT29, a human colon adenocarcinoma cells line. J. Cell
Sci. 112: 2657-2666, 1999.
2. Holdengreber V., Y. Ren, Y. Ben-Shaul and R.E Hausman.
Co-localization of the insulin receptor, jun protein and
choline acetyltransferase in embryonic chick retina. Exp.
Eye. Res. 66: 307-313, 1998.
3. Ophir, I., E. Cohen, and Y. Ben-Shaul. Apical polarity
in human colon carcinoma cell lines. Tissue and Cell 27:
659-666, 1995.
4. Ophir, I., E. Cohen, A. Bacher and Y. Ben-Shaul, Effect
of protein synthesis inhibitors on the formation and degradation
of tight junctions in HT29, adenocarcinoma cells, European
J. Cell Biol. 49: 116-122, 1989.
5. Bacher, A., H.C. Ludwig, H. Schnepple and Y. Ben-Shaul,
Riboflavin synthase from Bacillus subtilis, Quaternary structure
and reaggregation, J. Mol. Biol. 187: 75-86, 1986.
6. Talmon, A., E. Cohen, A. Bacher and Y. Ben-Shaul, Separation
of induction and expression of tight junction formation
mediated by proteases, Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 769: 505-507,
7. Ben-Shaul, Y., R.E. Hausman and A.A. Moscona, Age-dependent
differences in cognin regeneration on embryonic retina cells:
Immuno-labeling and SEM studies, Develop. Neurosci 3: 66-74,
8. Ben-Shaul, Y., E. Cohen and I. Ophir. Freeze-fracturing
and surface labelling of embryonic neural retina cells.
Exptl. Cell. Res. 108: 289-300, 1977.
9. Ben-Shaul, Y. and A.A. Moscona, Scanning electron microscopy
of embryonic neural retina surface, Developmental Biol.
44: 386-393, 1975.
10. Ben-Shaul, Y. and A.A. Moscona, Scanning electron microscopy
of aggregating embryonic neural retina cells, Exp. Cell.
Res. 95: 191-204, 1975.
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