TAU Herbaruim (TELA)

National Collection of Marine & Freshwater Plants

Started in 1960 by Y. Lipkin with Mediterranean algae and seagrasses, and expanded in 1961 to include Red Sea plants. Includes plants collected during the second Israeli South Red Sea Expedition (ISRSE'65). Since 1967 marine plants form Sinai Peninsula coasts were added, including those of the Suez Canal . In the early 70's, H. Nemlich-Z. Danin collection of Mediterranean marine algae was incorporated. Marine plants from Cyprus and Rhodes were collected during 1968 to 1970. The marine algal and seagrasses collection contains ca. 7000 herbarium specimens and 8000 liquid preserved ones.

Charophytes and Riella from Israel and Sinai were collected since 1967, as well as other freshwater algae and aquatic phanerogams. The collection of Charophytes-other freshwater plants contains ca. 500 specimens. Fossile Charophyte gyrogonites from Neogenic and Pleistocenic strata in Israel were added since 1969.

A collection of marine algae and seagrasses from other parts of the world, obtained from other herbaria, as well as those collected by Y. Lipkin, numbers ca. 4000 herbarium specimens.

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