Tel Aviv University Herbarium (TELA)

Collection of Lichens

The Lichen Collection was established in 1965, when Israel Reichert, who had studied lichens since 1936, donated his collection and large library to the Department of Plant Sciences at Tel Aviv University. This donation comprised some 2000 specimens from many countries all over the worls, and a collection of largely unidentified lichens collected through many years in Israel, Sinai and several neighbouring countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, etc.). The lichen collection from abroad, which contains to date some 4000 specimens, served as reference material for the preparation of the The Lichens of Israel by M. Galun (1970), published by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and for later studies on the lichen flora of Israel and Sinai. All the species (about 300, several specimens of each) described in these studies form the lichen herbarium of the local species (Israel and Sinai).

Verrucaria marmorea
Ramalina lacera
Caloplaca aurantia
Lecanora muralis
Lecanora atra

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