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The Institute for Cereal Crops Improvement (ICCI) at Tel Aviv University is conducting Research activities related to:

The Institute consists of:

The Lieberman Germplasm bank consists of seed collections of wild relatives of barley. The collections have been made since the early 1970's in geographical/ecological regions throughout Israel. The collection includes the following species and entries:

I. Barley -

Species accessions
Hordeum spontaneum4,500
Hordeum bulbosum1,000
Hordeum vulgare500

II. Oats -

Avena sterilis2,000
Avena sativa500

III. Wheat group -

Israeli Aegilops species:

Aegilops spp:3000 (Aegilops bicornis, Ae. biuncialis, Ae. kotschyi, Ae. longissima, Ae. searsii, Ae. sharonensis, Ae. speltoides, Ae. triuncialis and Ae. variabilis)

Other non-Israeli Aegilops species:


Triticum species:

Triticum dicoccoides2,500
Triticum durum1,500
Triticum aestivum1,500

Seeds are being kept at 10 degrees centigrade and 35% RH and are being reseeded every 10 years. The collection is being evaluated for the response to various fungal pathogens in the seedling stage in greenhouses and under field conditions.

The Lieberman Germplasm Bank is conducting comparative investigations on in situ and ex situ sampling. The entries are evaluated for a wide range of agronomic, pathological and, ecological characteristics. Extensive studies are being conducted on hosts-parasites interactions with an emphasis on evolutionary, pathological, genetical, breeding and agronomical aspects.

The Lieberman Germplasm Bank is affiliated with the National Germplasm Bank, and its entries are registered and catalogued there.

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