Prof. Nili Cohen






1.    N. Cohen
Interference with Contractual Relations
Ramot (1982) 430pp (Hebrew) (Sussman Prize)


2.    N. Cohen

Inducing Breach of Contract

Hebrew University (1986) 330pp (Hebrew) (Zeltner Prize)


3.    N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann)

Contracts Vol A

Aviram (1991) 740pp (Hebrew) (Sussman Prize)


4.    N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann)

Contracts Vol. B

Aviram (1992) 740pp (Hebrew)


5. N. Cohen (with D. Fridmann and other participants)

Contracts Vol. C

Aviram (2003) 777pp (Hebrew)


6. N. Cohen (with D. Fridmann)

Contracts Vol. D

Aviram (2011) 790pp (Hebrew)


       Chapters in Book

1.   N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann)

Payment of Another’s Debt

International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Chap. 10 in Vol. 10

on Restitution (1991) 70pp


2.    N. Cohen (With D. Friedmann)

Adjustment among Multiple Debtors

International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Chap. 11 in Vol. 10

on Restitution (1991) 90pp


        Books (Editor)


        1. N.Cohen (with E. Leibowitz)

        University in 2010

        Ramot (2000) 320pp (Hebrew)                                      


        2. N.Cohen (with A. Heldrich)

        Academic Freedom

        Herbert UTZ, Munich (2001) 179 pp.


        3. N. Cohen (with A. Heldrich)

        The Three Religions

        Herbert UTZ, Munich (2002) 150 pp.


        4. N. Cohen (with E. McKendrick)

        Comparative Remedies for Breach of Contract

        Hart, Oxford (2005) 320 pp.


        5. N.Cohen (with O. Groskopf), Daniel’s Book - Inquiries in the Scholarship of Professor Daniel Friedmann

        Nevo (2008) 1223pp. 




1.      N. Cohen

The Breach of the Right of Pleading

Hapraklit 28: 180-185 (1970) (Hebrew)


2.      N. Cohen

Instructing a Statutory Authority

TAU L. Rev. 1: 181-202 (1971) (Hebrew)


3.      N. Cohen

Right of Use as a “Right in Land”

TAU L. Rev. 4: 415-441 (1975) (Hebrew)


4.      N. Cohen

Is the Purchaser “Another Creditor of the Debtor”

TAU L. Rev. 4: 464-474 (1975) (Hebrew)


5.      N. Cohen

Contract Law and Guarantee Law

TAU L. Rev. 7: 225-237 (1979) (Hebrew)


6.      N. Cohen

The Effect of an Exemption Clause on Quasi-Contractual Right

              To Receive Moneys From a Third Party

             TAU L. Rev. 7: 460-485 (1979) (Hebrew)


7.      N. Cohen

The Nature of the Undertaking to Effect a Transaction

Tel-Aviv University Studies in Law 4: 33-85 (1978/9)


8.      N. Cohen

Interference with Contractual Relations and Equitable Doctrines

Modern Law Review 45: 241-267 (1982)


9.      N. Cohen

Interference with Performance of a Fiduciary Obligation

Israel Law Review 7: 12-61 (1982)


10. N. Cohen

      Rescision of a Contract and its Effect on Unregistered Transaction in


      Hapraklit 35: 215 –242 (1983) (Hebrew) (published also in the Jubilee Issue of Hapraklit)


11. N. Cohen

      The Protection of a Right of Use in a Trademark

       Hapraklit 36: 288-309 (1985) (Hebrew)


12. N. Cohen

      Contract Law and Good Faith in Negotiation: Formalism versus Justice

      Hapraklit 37: 13-61 (1986) (Hebrew)


13. N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann)

      Problems in the Law of Multiple Debtors

      Lowenberg Book: 51-93 (1988) (Hebrew)


14. N. Cohen

      Strike Losses, Economic Loss and Inducing Breach of Contract

      TAU L. Rev. 14: 173-192 (1989) (Hebrew)


15. N. Cohen

      Form of Contract

      Hapraklit 38: 383-453 (1989) (Hebrew)


16. N. Cohen

      Good Faith in Bargaining Process and Principles of Contract Law

      9 Tel-Aviv University Studies in Law: 249-310 (1989)


17. N. Cohen

      Status, Freedom and Inducing Breach of Contract

      Hapraklit 39: 304-318 (1990) (Hebrew)


18. N. Cohen

      Status, Freedom and Contract

      10 Tel Aviv University Studies in Law: 213-228 (1990)


19. N. Cohen

      Law and the Book

      TAU L. Rev. 16: 435-443 (1991) (Hebrew)


20. N. Cohen

      Political Agreements

      26 Israel Law Rev: 499-530 (1992)


21. N. Cohen

      Equality versus Freedom of Contract

      Hamishpat 1: 131-147 (1993) (Hebrew)


22. N. Cohen (with D. Friedmann)

      Selecting Minds in a Multicultural, Besieged, Isolated Society

      41 American Journal of Comparative Law: 449-464 (1993)

      (translated into French in 1996 – Revue Internationale de Droit Compare 633-645)


23. N. Cohen

      A Minor's Contract to Acquire Interest in Land, As against the Vendor's Creditor

      Hapraklit 41: 161-194 (1993) (Hebrew)


24. N. Cohen

      The Quiet Revolution in the Enforcement of Illegal Contracts

      (1994) Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial law Quaterly 163


25. N. Cohen

      Two Freedoms and the Contract to Negotiate

      Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law [J. Beatson and D. Friedmann Editors]

      Oxford University Press: 25-56 (1995)


26. N. Cohen

      Freedom of Trade and Commercial Competition

      TAU L. Rev. 19: 353-393 (Hebrew) (1995)


27. N. Cohen

      Illegality: The Case for Discretion

      The Limits of Restitutionary Claims: A Comparative Analysis

      [W. Swadling Editor]: 186-212 [UKNCCL 1997]


28. N. Cohen

      The Effect of the Duty of Good Faith on a Previously Common Law System

      Good Faith in Contract (Concept and Context)    

      [R. Brownsword N.J.Hird, G. Howells Editors]: 189-212 (Ashgate 1998)


29. N.Cohen

      Articles of Association as a Contract and as a Standard Contract

      Hapraklit 44: 286-292 (1999) (Hebrew)


30. N. Cohen

      The Three Religions

       Encuentro de las Tres Confesiones Religiosas

       [A. de la Hera, R.M. Martinez de Codes Eds]: 69-74

       (1999 - Madrid)     


31. N. Cohen

      University in 2010

      University in 2010

      [E. Leibowitz, N. Cohen Editors]: 10-20 (Ramot, 2000) (Hebrew)


32. N.Cohen

      Israeli Law as a Mixed System - Between Common Law and Continental Law

      Global Jurist Topics: Vol. 1: No. 1,Article 1 (2001) (12pp)

      published also in:

      The Common Core of European Private Law

      (Bussani & Mattei Editors)

      (Kluwer, 2002)


33. N.Cohen

      Excellence in Law

      Hapraklit 46 (2002): 233-240 (Hebrew)

 34. N.Cohen

      On Sight, On Blindness, On Advantage & Disadvantage (Hebrew)

      Shamgar Book. Essays Vol C : 611-631 (2003) (Hebrew)



35. N.Cohen

      The Liberation of Justitia and Clio -Some reflections on Law and History 

      Following the "Liberating Bride"

      Hamishpat 8: 17-38 (2003) (Hebrew)


36. N.Cohen

      Remedies For Breach Through the Beneficiary's Lens

      Comparative Remedies For Breach of Contracts (N. Cohen & E. McKendrick Editors)

      (Hart, Oxford): 157-187 (2005)


37. N. Cohen

      Right and Remedy in the Enforcement of Debt

      Festschrift fuer Andreas Heldrich (Beck, Munich): 39-54 (2005)


38. N. Cohen

      Right and Remedy in the Enforcement of Debt – From the Law of Remedies

      to the Codification (Hebrew)

      Hapraklit 45: 355-376 (2006)


39. N. Cohen

      The Fall and the Rise of a Promise to Marry (Hebrew)

      Hamishpat 11 : 27-53 (2006)


40. N. Cohen

      Remedies for Breach of Contract for the Benefit of a Third Party

             Essays in Memory of Prof. Menashe Shava: 85-113 (2006) (Hebrew)


41. N. Cohen,

      Fate and Law (Hebrew),

      Hapraklit 49: 23-46 (2006)


42. N. Cohen, Memory and Forgetfulness in Law,

      On Memory: An Interdisciplinary Approach

             Doron Mendels editor: 135-147 (Peter Lang, Bern, 2007) 

43. N. Cohen
             Taboo and Incest in A"B Yehoshua 
             New Keshet 21: 59-72 (2007) (Hebrew)

44. N. Cohen

      The Four C’s: Coherence, Clarification, Continuity, Change - Remedies for

      Breach of Contract in the Israeli Civil Code,
            The Draft Civil Code for Israel in Comparative Perspective 

     Kurt Siehr and Reinhard Zimmermann editors: 51-73 (Mohn, Tuebingen, 2008)


45. N. Cohen
             Remedies for Breach of Contract: From Right to Remedy; From Remedies Law to the Code

      Daniel’s Book - Inquiries in the Scholarship of Professor

      Daniel Fridmann: 57-109 (Nevo,2008) (Hebrew)

46. N. Cohen
            On Parents, Children and Ingratitude: The Transaction of King Lear

      Hamishpat (May 2008) (Hebrew)


47. N. Cohen
            Memory, Forgetfulness, Precedent
            Hamishpat 13: (2008) (Hebrew)

48. N. Cohen
            University as Utopia
            New Keshet 23: 64-77 (2008) (Hebrew)


49. N. Cohen

      Revolvement of an Apartment 

      Hamishpat, Honor of M. Ben-Porat (2008) (Hebrew)


50. N. Cohen

      From the common Law to the Civil Law - The Experience of Israel

      Precontractual Liability in European Private Law 398-430

     John Cartwright and Martijn Hesselink eds

     Cambrige University Press (2008)


51. N.Cohen

      Distributive  Justice in the Enforcement of Contracts

      Festschrift fuer Gunter Kuehne 971-1003

      Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft (2009)


52. N. Cohen

      Substituted Preformance

      Itzhak Englard Book 145-190 (2010) (Hebrew)


53. N.Cohen

      The Justice Exception in Enforcing Contracts, 

      33 TAU L.Rev 241-276 (2010) (Hebrew)

54.  N. Cohen

       Fantasy, Mimesis and Lost Charity, 

       25 Kivunim Chadashim 144-156 (2011) (Hebrew)

55. N. Cohen

      Name, Memory, Law

      Culture, Memory, History, Anita Shapira Book 27-51 (2012) (Hebrew)

56. N. Cohen,

      Law, Play, Game - The "Merchant of Venice" and the "Breakdown", 

      51 Hapraklit 407-441 (2012)

57. N. Cohen, 

      The Slayer Rule

      92 Boston U L Rev 793-810 (2012)

58. N. Cohen

      Prisoners, Communities and Natural Authority, 

      14 Law and Business, 595-637 (2012) (Hebrew)

59. N. Cohen 

             Privatization and Patriarchy - Sanctions and Education,
             27 Israel Studies Review 108-142 (2012)

       60. N. Cohen
             Law, Morality and Ex Turpi Causa,
             ORR Book 259-304 (2013)(Hebrew)

       61. N. Cohen
Faithfulness of Interpreter,

      35 TAU L. Rev. 587-637 (2013)  (Hebrew)

Accepted for publication 

1.  N. Cohen 

     Property, Liability, Competition,   

            Law and Business (Hebrew)

2. N. Cohen, 

    Betrayed Wills of Kafka and Brod 

           Kafka Book (Hebrew)


In Prepration


1. N. Cohen

    Property, Liability, Competition, 

    Law and Business (Hebrew)


     Book Review 

1. Martin Hogg,

    Promises and Contract Law: Comparative Perspectives, 

   16 Edin. L. Rev. 283-285 (2012)